Custom Racewear Overview

Racewear made to your own design or to match your competition car used to be the preserve of large budget teams or manufacturers. However, the advances in embroidery and printing programmes now means a personalised race suit is in easy reach of the clubman competitor.

There is a vast range of colours available and the design can be almost anything you can imagine. Sparco and OMP both offer customisable race suits and we explain some of the options available in our custom racewear guide to make your dream race suit a reality.

Sparco Custom Easy Project

This system allows you to design the suit yourself in some easy to understand steps. You can go back and forth to change any of the features before deciding on the final design, or even design a few suits and then choose your favourite. Once you understand how the process works it is very quick to amend or create a new design, and it’s also good fun!

The first step is to choose the model of Sparco race suit required by clicking on the suit image. The choices available are the Sprint 2020, the Competition, X-Light, Prime SP16.1 and X-Light Kart.

The second stage is choosing the design which will determine where the two or more colours will appear on the suit. These range from traditional to the contemporary depending on your tastes. The styles available vary between each model of suit so you may wish to look at another model of suit if you do not quite find the design you visualise. You can easily go back and change the model even at the last step. This stage has the choice of adding pockets if required and adding or removing the belt (where it suits the design).

The third stage is picking the colours in the areas of the suit for the design style you’ve chosen. Simply click the colours to have them appear on the suit render, with some designs offering up to four colour choices. The stretch panel and cuff colours can also be changed, and on some designs the neck and insert colour, too. If you are unhappy with the colour placement it is possible to go back and try with another suit design.

The fourth stage is very simple. The national flag, your name and your blood group can all be selected, appearing on the belt or directly on the suit if there is no belt on the design. If these are not required, simply go to the next stage.

The sizing section has three options. The first is a stock Sparco size as shown on the individual race suit pages on our website. If you have an old Sparco race suit please check your size against the size chart as Sparco realigned their sizing a while ago.

The second option is a stock size but with small adjustments. For example, if you find a stock suit size is too long or too short in the arm, the length can be altered to suit. This is possible by moving the regulate measures tab across on the page. The chart that appears shows all the options and the parameters that can be altered and how to measure them.

The third option is to go to a fully custom size and, again, all the options are shown. The information tabs show how to measure if you are unsure.

The final stage in the design process is to add any logos that are required. The choices are front, back, left sleeve, right sleeve, and leg (front facing.) These can be embroidered or printed onto your race suit, but embroidery is more durable and looks better for most designs that are logo based, although printing (while also slightly lighter) can be better for more image-based designs.

The logo needs to be in a JPG, PNG or vector format and is simply uploaded to the design using the logo tab. A transparent background vector file is best and the logo size can be increased or decreased to suit the design you’ve chosen.

Sparco uses a credit system which gives an indication of the amount of embroidery or printing and in turn the price of the final design. The bigger or the more complicated the design, the more credits will be used. The amounts of credits used will show as the size is altered larger or smaller. The logos can also be rotated or angled if required, and it always pays to leave a gap between the edge of the logo near any seams or colour changes.

It is still possible to go back at this stage if you want to make changes. If you decide you are happy with the design then the suit renders can be viewed by clicking on the summary / save tab.

The finished suit can then be seen viewed from the front, back, left and right side. If you wish to proceed with finalised design click save and exit. You can then click send order request.

The suit can then be purchased via the website by ordering the model of suit with the amount of credits shown on the render. The amount of credits will appear on the suit drop down menu, and the three options of suit sizing (standard, standard with adjustments, or full custom size). We will then raise the order to your unique design. We can also clone the suit and change the sizes and name, blood group, and flag if required, ideal for a team or driver and co-driver.

In conclusion, this is a very simple way to design and order a custom suit. The programme allows changes to be made easily so you can try many different colours and design options and see the design before ordering.

Sparco Infinity 2.0 Design

The Sparco Infinity 2.0 Custom Race Suit is a 3-layer Nomex suit which is designed by you (with a little help from Sparco!) at a fixed price. With 64,000 colours at your disposal and using your own creativity, you can create any design you like. Add sponsors logos, images, names or even photographs. There really is no end of possibilities, the limit is your imagination.

To design your suit, download the PDF Design Form (which includes full instructions.)

The suit features a highly breathable inner lining, fully floating sleeves and a stretch panel insert on the rear offering an improved fit and better comfort.

Infinity is a highly sophisticated process, materials can now be infused with high resolution colour to provide an infinite number of colour combinations and designs. No longer does the suit have to be weighed down with metres and metres of embroidery thread, and nor does the breathability have to be compromised due to large areas of screen printing on top of the suit outer layer.

With Infinity, the printed fabrics remain fully breathable, extremely durable and beautifully wash fast. The Sparco Infinity 2.0 race suit is available in standard off the shelf sizes, or for an additional cost can be tailored to your own measurements (for this option, please also download the PDF Custom Size Form.)

OMP First Evo / One S Custom Race Suit

Another option is an OMP race suit. A popular range from a popular manufacturer, you have a number of different designs to choose from and make your own here, too. With the OMP First Evo or One S Custom race suits, you can choose the colours and add your own logos to make your new race suit more personalised to your requirements.

Step 1 – Choose Your Colours

Using the same design layout as the standard model race suit, this custom version allows you to choose your own combination of colours to match your requirements. The suit has been divided into sections, each of which have their own colour palettes to choose from (see the picture below.) There are different colours available to choose from on the main body of the suit, while stretch panels in the middle of the back and groin area as well as the arm and leg cuffs can also be customised.

Step 2 – Adding Logos

Not only can you select which colours you would like, the ability to add your own logos is included in the price of the suit. In total, you can add up to five logos, with one large and four small logos available. These logos can be placed anywhere on the main body of the suit while you can also have your name, country flag and blood type embroidered onto the belt.

Step 3 – Placing Your Order

Once you have an idea of how you would like your suit to look, you are nearly ready to order – you just need to decide on the size of the suit. The OMP Custom race suit is available in the standard range of OMP sizes from 44 to 64, or if you require a more bespoke fitting suit you can select the made to measure option for an additional cost. Once you have ordered your new suit, a member of our sales team will be in touch with you to discuss your colour and logo requirements and guide you through the process including getting the correct size for you.


The current range of custom race suits means there is a suit available to fit almost any budget. The suits can be as simple as a unique colour scheme right through to completely printed suits with photographs or intricate patterns. A well thought out suit design can help give a more professional image to your team, attract sponsorship, or give your existing sponsors better value for their financial assistance. Wearing a unique race suit will allow you to stand out from other competitors.

The programmes above are all quite simple to use, but if you are a little daunted designing your suit please feel free to get in touch with our sales team, they will be happy to guide you through the process. We have lots of experience with the design process and are here to help.

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