Sim Racing 101 Series | Episode #5: Racing Driver Vs Sim Racer

Welcome to the finale of the Demon Tweeks sim racing series with McLaren Factory GT3 driver Joe Osborne and in-house sim expert Gaz! For the final we put Joe up against Gaz for a time attack challenge around Silverstone Circuit to see who can tame our rig and come out on top…

If you missed them, check out the episodes so far which look in depth at the rig, pedals, screens, computer and steering wheels and wheel bases!

How did we get to this point?

We created this series to see if a real-life McLaren racing driver can replicate the feeling of his 720s GT3 car in our sim racing rig, how did we do?

Episode 1 – Pedals

Episode 1 focused on pedals. If you are serious about sim racing, you will know that a good set of pedals make all the difference. Heusinkveld Engineering’s sim racing pedal offering were tested as they offer premium performance. Joe took the Ultimate+ for a spin and tuned them to perfectly match his car. Watch the video to hear their thoughts.

Episode 2 – Wheels & Wheelbases

Wheels and Wheelbases were the focus of Episode 2, an integral part of a sim setup. We took 3 different wheelbases for a spin by Simucube and 2 different steering wheels by Gomez. Both Joe and Gaz tested the direct drive wheels and gave their opinions in the episode 2 video.

Episode 3 – Rig & Computer

Episode 3 took a deep dive into perhaps the most important area of a sim set up to get the most immersive feel, the rig and computer. Joe and Gaz tested the Overclockers Pro Gaming PC, the Trak Racer TR160 Aluminium Sim Racing Cockpit and the Trak Racer TR8020 Floor Mounted Quad Monitor Stand. But how immersive is the setup?

Episode 4 – Shifter & Handbrake

In episode 4 of Sim Racing 101 we tested out Heusinkveld Engineering Sequential Shifter and Handbrake, which are usually overlooked parts of a sim rig, watch the video to see if you should be adding them to your setup next!

What do you think of our sim racing setup? Both Joe and Gaz highlighted how immersive a simulator can be, it’s no wonder top racing drivers around the world use them to prepare and train! The products outlined throughout are sure to take your sim setup to the next level, all available at Demon Tweeks.

If you need to contact someone for expert advice we are available at or at our dedicated phone number: 01978 666478

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