Tweek’d” Project Car Series Ep #1

Introducing Our New Project Car… VW Golf R Mk8

The Mk8 Golf is the latest version in a long line of VW’s super popular model, the styling and performance of the new Golf R have come under some scrutiny so, in this series, we’re going to take a look at the popular modifications that can be made to handling, looks and performance to see what you could change and why you may want to consider doing so.

The Golf R belongs to Jack and in this episode, we talk to him and look to address some of the immediate upgrades that he wants to cover. First port of call, replacing the factory 18” alloys with something bigger, and performance tyres to boot. He’s also wanting to get it sitting a litter bit lower, reducing the arch gap and giving it more presence on the road.

Before we do any of that though, and as we’re looking to boost the performance, we need to get the power readings now in stock form. The manufacturer quotes the power output at 320ps, so to see what Jack’ Golf is producing, we head down to the rolling road to see what we’re working with.

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