“Tweek’d” Project Car Series Ep #2

VW Golf R Mk8 New Wheels, Tyres & Springs

Introducing our new “Tweek’d” project car series! 

The Mk8 Golf is the latest version in a long line of VW’s super popular model, the styling and performance of the new Golf R have come under some scrutiny so, in this series, we’re going to take a look at the popular modifications that can be made to handling, looks and performance to see what you could change and why you may want to consider doing so.

In this episode, Jack looks through some potential options for wheels to replace the standard 18” setup that came on the car. With such a huge assortment on offer, and a highly popular fitment, there really are hundreds to choose from! Fitting a new set of wheels can transform a car, and not always in a good way. What will he go for, and will they look right on the Mk8 Golf R?

We also look at getting rid of the arch gap by fitting some lowering springs from Vogtland, they’re a great brand with a fantastic price point and all for not a lot of money. They lower the car by 25mm and really boost kerb appeal, making the most of any visual changes that the wheels bring.

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