“Tweek’d” Project Car Series Ep #3

VW Golf R Mk8 New Exhaust & MORE POWER??

Introducing our new “Tweek’d” project car series! 

The Mk8 Golf is the latest version in a long line of VW’s super popular model, the styling and performance of the new Golf R have come under some scrutiny so, in this series, we’re going to take a look at the popular modifications that can be made to handling, looks and performance to see what you could change and why you may want to consider doing so.

In this episode, we get chance to remove the rather gnarly looking standard exhaust in favour of something much more befitting a VW Golf R. Jack chose a Milltek Sport GPF back exhaust system, in the non-resonated configuration, not only improving the looks but giving back the voice that the Mk8 had lost. So, it looks far better, it sounds better, question is, with that GPF in play, what will we see in regards to power improvements. 

Take a look at the video below to find out, not only that though, fitting an air filter to accompany an exhaust upgrade is quite common practice, so we did them at the same time, and tested it, so we can see what the addition of a K&N panel filter does along with an exhaust! 

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