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A motorbike is not just a form of transport, it is a toy, a hobby, a companion almost! Whether you’re heading out for a weekend blast with friends, a quick blat for a coffee, or even riding to a bike show – getting out on your bike is what it is all about… 

We may all have unique styles and various tastes in what and where we ride, but there is still one thing we all have in common and need… access to quality accessories that will help keep our bikes clean, maintained and ready for action.

The Warrior range of motorcycle accessories has been developed over the years for this reason. Introduced a decade ago, the aim of Warrior products is to give riders a range of excellent motorcycle parts and accessories at a great price. Quite simply, make motorcycle maintenance and servicing a simple task without breaking the bank!

Stands & Lifts

The Warrior range of paddock stands, and lifts has proved to be extremely popular and offers motorcyclists everything from entry level stands to “factory look” aluminium stands and much more.

For basic maintenance, storage and cleaning, the Warrior basic tubular front and rear paddock stands are ideal.  Manufactured from heavy duty tubing and finished in a corrosion resistant red enamel finish, they look the part but won’t break the bank. Track day riders often go for a front head stand which is particularly useful for more advanced motorcycle repairs (such as fork removal).  A single sided stand that fits most of the popular single sided motorcycles is also available. 

If you want something that looks a bit more “factory”, then check out the aluminium box section front and rear stands…  Constructed from lightweight alloy, these stands really look the part and would suit a showroom, hallway, garage, or even a pit box! Alternatively, we have the  4 wheel racing range of stands….  A front head stand and rear paddock stand, constructed from heavy duty tubing, with heavy duty oversize wheels to make lifting your bike easy!  It’s worth noting that the alloy and 4-wheel racing rear stands will only work on bikes with stand bobbins fitted.

If space is restricted (or you have numerous bikes to negotiate in your garage) then we also have a range of stands to make maneuvering your bike around a whole lot easier! The warrior 360 degree floating front and rear stands feature 3 double castor wheels on each stand that can be locked into place, or moved in any direction – perfect for confined spaces.

Finally, the Spider Stand from Warrior is the perfect garage companion for the home mechanic, track-day enthusiast or anyone who owns a bike without a centre stand. This will fully lift your bike off the ground for hassle free maintenance or storage with a simple one-person operation.  Once on the stand, the bike can be completely dismantled, stored safely, or wheeled around the garage if necessary.  

Wheel & Tyre Accessories

When it comes to wheels and tyres, Warrior caters for all types of riders with a whole host of popular accessories.

Fitting your own tyres? Check out the Warrior tyre changers, wheel balancers and tyre levers – especially handy if you work on your own bikes or own a track/race bike.

For track/race bike owners, there is a complete range of tyre warmers that are perfect for track days and club racing (you’ll find these are branded Uber but do fall under the Warrior umbrella of products). The standard tyre warmers are available in 2 sizes to suit most popular sizes of track bikes and are thermostatically controlled to 80°C.  Elastic sides and Velcro fasteners ensure they are easy to fit with no messy pull cords and the dual LED indicators make it easy to see when your warmers are up to temperature. For Supersport / superbike sized tyres, there is also a digital tyre warmer option. These have the same great fit as the standard warmers and offer outstanding heat distribution but have the advantage of being digitally controlled for your required temperature. The front and rear tyre temps can be set independently from each other and have a wider operating range of between 30-90°C. Finally, there is the Warrior Overskins – designed to keep the heat in your tyre and minimise heat loss to the elements (no more coats over your warmers!). Constructed from a lightweight polar fleece material with external wind stopper properties, they are one item you cannot do without!

A few other handy Warrior accessories are the Tubeless Tyre Repair Kit (handy to keep under the seat of any motorbike in case of a puncture) and the Wheel Spinner! This neat little product allows you to spin the rear wheel of your bike without the need for a paddock stand – perfect for cleaning and chain lubing!


We have already touched on paddock stands and lifts for working on and storing your bike, but what about if you are transporting your bike to the circuit or to a show?

No matter whether you are using a van or trailer, a wheel chock is one of the most useful pieces of equipment there is!  Simply bolt them down to the floor of your van or trailer – roll the front wheel over the pivot clamp and the front wheel locks into position, held in place by your bikes weight. Once positioned in the chock make sure you use a pair of Bar Straps to keep it secure during transport!  If you were trailering your bike, or just wanted some extra security to keep the rear of the bike in place, then a Tyre Down Rear Wheel Restraint is exactly what you need. These hold the rear wheel in place and eliminate the compression of your rear suspension and stress on frames or footrest hangers.

Accessories / Tools

For the bikers among us who enjoy servicing their own machines, or those who have a few projects tucked away on a regular basis, we have an excellent range of specialist / handy tools that are necessary for your toolbox! The Warrior Chain Tool collection consists of 2 different types of chain tool, a chain pulling tool and a chain link pliers – everything you need to change your chain and a warrior chain cleaning brush helps you keep your chain clean.

Other toolbox staples include: Spring Hook Pullers, an Adjustable Pre-Load Spanner, Rim Protectors, T-Bar Sockets and more!  For serious DIY mechanics there is a selection of tools for more involved jobs, including: Compression Tester, Flywheel Puller, Clutch Holding Tool and Carburettor Vacuum Gauges.

The Warrior range is constantly growing and is filled with good quality, excellent value for money motorcycle products.

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