The SimAir Sim Racing Fan Can Help You Improve

Pressure and being able to handle it are one of the keys to success in motorsport, real or virtual. 

When racing, concentration, determination and often lots of physical work is required. This is just as important in Sim Racing as it is anywhere else. It requires precise actions in a pressured environment, so it is very important to maintain your cool, physically, and mentally. A build-up of heat can hamper your ability to concentrate which stops you performing at your absolute best.

To get the best out of yourself you need to have the best equipment in your Sim set up. 

You need the SimAir sim racing fan. Designed and produced in the UK to the highest standards and manufactured from real world motorsport parts so you know it’s fit for purpose. The fan has 2 aluminium ducting hoses that connect to a powerful fan, which when all set up and operational provides a serious amount of air to keep your temperature down when it starts to rise in the heat of a race. 

Not convinced? The fans have been developed to offer maximum performance no matter how you use it. It has 4 settings to control the speed of the fans, high, medium, low and an off position so it’s guaranteed to keep you feeling fresh when behind the wheel. The fans are quite powerful at its highest setting, and with this power comes a level of noise, but it’s not enough to distract you according to the Demon Tweeks sim racing expert!

But how does it work? It’s supplied with a 3 pin UK plug and 110-240v AC power supply cable so it’s simply a case of plug in and you’re away! You can also fit country specific adapters to it for any non-UK user. 

The fans can be adjusted to suit any sim rig, no matter how individual and bespoke the rig is, as both hoses are created with a convoluted aluminium meaning they can be bent and shaped to fit around the wheelbase, screen, button box or anything that might get in the way of the cool air flow. The fan also comes with a mounting kit meaning you aren’t restricted to where you can place the hoses. 

The fan is versatile and has many features which make it stand out from the rest of the fans on the market. 

  • The switch and fan unit have a solid mounting via a t-slot nut and bolt system
  • Fully adjustable ducting which can be placed however you want to keep your temperature down
  • Adjust the fans speed with ease with a 4-position switch
  • Anodised aluminium outlets at the end of the ducts for a professional look
  • Designed to fit aluminium profile rigs

The SimAir sim racing fan really is the next best addition to your sim setup.

For further technical information on Sim Racing products, you can email your enquiry to our specialist team – [email protected] or phone our dedicated sim number: 01978 666478

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