NEW OMP KS-1 Pro Rib Protector

The first FIA Standard Karting Rib Protector

“Motorsport is dangerous!”: is one of the most powerful statements used in racing, maybe the most important one. It easily explains how risk is always around the corner during competitions, to such an extent that you can find it printed on some racetrack admission tickets. No race is immune from danger, especially in karting.

The FIA constantly monitors motorsport and karting accidents. Each accident is something we can all learn from and help to prevent injury in some way. The FIA want to make karting safer, more accessible and most of all enjoyable!

New safety products can often be received negatively by the drivers, even when it increases the safety and prevents potentially lethal injuries: it happened with the HANS system and, more recently, with the Halo; Also it is very likely to have been the same when regulations imposed hard helmets instead of the leather caps. Most drivers nowadays would not even think of racing without the mandatory safety items required.

The FIA decided to intervene on a commonly used device: the rib protector. They decided that they should be made to a standard that would improve safety and reduce the chance of injury. OMP partnered the FIA on this mission to develop a product to improve safety. The first stage focused on children, then it was extended to adults.

Welcome FIA 8870-2018 standard, and welcome KS-1 PRO, the FIRST rib protector in the world to get the new homologation!

There are three typical impacts in karting; impacts against flat or curve structures, impacts against seats or steering wheels and impacts against sharp or pointed objects (i.e. the steering column).

The OMP KS-1 PRO rib protector has been developed as a solution to absorb energy, avoid localised pressure and be resistant to penetration. Compared to the products from the past, it offers two times more protection. Whilst also being more comfortable than previous rib protectors.

Tech specs: The OMP KS-1 PRO features a resistant polycarbonate material, inner lining in nitrile rubber and shockproof memory foam that dissipates energy in case of accident. KS-1 PRO offers complete protection to the driver (ribs, front and back) combined with maximum comfort thanks to the internal padding and the exclusive auto-adjustable fitting system.

Adjustable shoulder and lateral straps with Velcro, shaped front shield to get best comfort and higher protection. The KS-1 PRO can accommodate various heights and body shapes thanks to 7 different sizes: 4 standard-fit sizes (S-M-L-XL) and 3 wide-fit sizes (M wide, L wide, XL wide).

Size S is homologated for 116cm to 152cm height and suggested for 63-71cm chest circumference.

Size M is homologated for 152cm to 170cm height and suggested for 69.5-80cm chest circumference.

Size M wide is homologated for 152cm to 170cm height and suggested for 79.5-90cm chest circumference.

Size L is homologated for 170cm to 188cm height and suggested for 77-90cm chest circumference.

Size L wide is homologated for 170cm to 188cm height and suggested for 78-100cm chest circumference.

Size XL is homologated for 188cm+ height and suggested for 90-105cm chest circumference.

Size XL wide is homologated for 188cm+ height and suggested for 105-120cm chest circumference.


The spare inner padding kit (10mm thicker) guarantees a perfect fit also to skinniest bodies without compromising comfort and safety. It’s easy to set up thanks to velcro quick attachments.

At the moment, this approval of rib protector is only mandatory in the highest level of FIA sanctioned karting events, but as many other homologations it will filter down year on year to club events. But as always, you can use this rib protector in any form of karting if you wish, knowing you are protected by one of the best rib protectors available. Available to buy from our website here.

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