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Want to know the best way to store your car? Are you in need of something to protect it when not in use? 

You’ve come to the right place, enter Podtec’s Evopod. The ultimate indoor protective system for you, the passionate car owner. It ensures your car has a clean and dry environment to rest in which will keep it in the best condition possible for any length of time.

Have a watch of the video below for how to set up the Carpod, or continue reading for everything you need to know.

Inflatable framework with a zipped end and side doors allow for drive in, drive out convenience for minimal fuss should you wish to go for a drive – sounds good right?! The Evo Pod has been designed by car enthusiasts for car enthusiasts so you can be confident that only the best quality materials are used, and this quality is backed up by a 2-year warranty.

What is the Evopod designed for?

The Podtec Evopod is designed for indoor use and is perfectly suited for any vehicle which you want to keep in storage. But the beauty of the Evopod is that it has solid inflatable framework meaning you can drive in and out if you see the weather is nice and want to take it out on a whim for a day out. Simply unzip the front and drive out, no deflating or re inflation required! 

How does the Evopod work?

It’s made up of heavy-duty reinforced PVC inflatable tubes which are filled by fans in as little as 3 minutes. 

Also, an optional filtered fan will stop any stale smells appearing and will help dry out a wet car which is important as this will reduce the risk of rust forming. The fan and filter is supplied separate and it can easily be fitted to a port on the end of the pod. 

There is also built-in cable access points which allows a battery charger to be fit to the vehicle, so you don’t need to worry about your car’s battery dying.

What is the quality and how strong is the Evopod?

The pod is very strong and robust. Each post of the pod can support the weight of an adult. Your car will be protected should any debris fall onto the pod from a height. But this doesn’t mean you should be using the pod as a new pull up bar or bouncy castle!

The floor of the pod is made up of a durable, abrasion resistant 0.7mm PVC flooring for long lasting performance. There are also ‘windows’ on the pod made of 0.35mm PVC material, this is so you can view your prized possession without having to go inside. This material is thicker than most comparable products meaning you can be confident it will protect your car.

Is the Evopod suitable for my vehicle?

Yes! Unless you use a high roof van as your daily driver the Evopod will be able to fit your vehicle easily.

The pod features a high roof and a full height zip door, so you don’t need to be good at squats to get inside and move around! The pod is also wide enough to allow your car doors to fully open so you can enter and exit the vehicle easily – you don’t need to exit the car from the outside and push it in, imagine that!

Dimensions are as follows:

500cm Long x 280cm wide x 200cm High

The pod is suitable for UK 3 pin 240v power supply and supplied with adaptors to suit other plug / voltage power supplies.

How can I buy an Evopod?

Available exclusively from Demon Tweeks, the Podtec Evopod can be purchased in store from our Wrexham branch, by calling the mail order hotline on 01978 664466 or online.

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