Best Motorcycle Tyres 2022

Let’s face it… The last 2 years have given us plenty of ups and downs! Lockdown after lockdown, uncertainty, restrictions, and a deep desire to get back to “normal”. Keep reading for our picks of the best motorcycle tyres 2022.

There have been some pretty big impacts on our work and home life, but thankfully we’ve been able to keep riding our motorbikes and get some miles in (whether commuting or riding for leisure). As Spring & Summer approaches, we can’t wait  to get our bikes out once more!

Now is the time to start planning adventures; A weekend blast, a road trip around the UK, or just more commuting – one thing we need to be sure of is that our tyres are up to the job!

2022 is an exciting year in our world with some exciting new tyres across varying disciplines. We know that there is a huge selection available to us so in this blog we’re going to concentrate on what we think are some of the more significant releases and what you should keep on your radar.

Michelin Road 6

With a long history of manufacturing sports touring and road tyres, Michelin is stepping up the game with their all-new Road 6 sports touring tyre! It’s safe to say that Michelin is one of the most well-known brand names in this category.

The New Road 6 is championed as the new must-have Michelin road tyre, offering better mileage and more wet grip than any of its predecessors!

It benefits from 2 decades of constant innovation, expertise and evolution. It uses new 100% Silica technology and a brand new tread pattern to offer 15% more wet grip than the Michelin Road 5!

As well as more wet grip, the Road 6 uses a new high tech compound that increases the tyres longevity by 10%. 

Obviously, these figures are taken from in-house testing and we have yet to get any feedback on the Road 6, but if previous versions of the Michelin Road range are anything to go by – there will be some happy customers in 2022!

Available Individually, or as a pair

Pirelli Rosso IV Corsa

2021 saw Pirelli release the Rosso IV into its sports tyre range as a state of the art sports tyre for the road. 

For 2022, they have brought us the Diablo Rosso IV Corsa! The Rosso IV Corsa is the latest tyre to slot into their hypersport range and will replace the Rosso Corsa II in their current line up and sit above the Rosso IV. A high-performance tyre that raises the bar for sports riding. The Rosso IV Corsa is a more extreme version of the standard Rosso IV (offering a perfect balance between excellent road performance and sporty track behaviour) and was introduced to cater the most demanding sports riders who want to use the performance of their bike on the road or track!

With slight compromises in wet weather grip and mileage, the Rosso IV Corsa offers better grip in the dry, thanks to a slicker tread pattern for a larger footprint and a new innovative compound, ensuring maximum grip in the corners.

A new innovative carcass enables harder cornering and precise feedback to the rider, whilst a new arrangement of compounds and tread pattern make the tyre highly resistant to stress – ensuring consistency of performance over multiple sessions.

If you’re a rider that enjoys riding on the track, but doesn’t want a tyre to compromise some road riding performance (Supercorsa SP V3 for example), then the Rosso IV Corsa could be right up your street this year!

Available Individually, or as a pair

Metzeler Karoo 4

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As the adventure bike market keeps going from strength to strength, the amount of tyre choice for these bikes does exactly the same! The Metzeler Karoo 4 is designed for dual sport and adventure bike riders that enjoy off-road riding as much as road riding. The Karoo 3 was one of the most recognisable 50:50 adventure tyres for years, the Karoo 4 promises to expand the Karoo’s versatility and performance to take it to the top of the tree!

Gone is the old chevron style tread pattern, as the Karoo 4 features a new patented tread pattern to raise the tyres performance on and off road! The old chevron design has been replaced by a more aggressive, block tread design, with centre blocks that are designed to dig into the dirt and provide more mechanical grip, whilst the bigger cut-outs between the tread blocks and side knobs mean the tyre will clear better in soft off-road conditions.

Metzeler have worked hard to improve the tyres handling and behaviour in the wet. The use of stiffer carcass structures and new multi-radius profiles promote enhanced road handling, giving good transition from upright to leant over in the wet.

The tyre sits in between the Karoo Street and the Karoo Extreme, so should prove extremely popular with riders who regularly ride a combination of tarmac and dirt.

Available Individually, or as a pair

Metzeler Tourance Next 2

An evolution of the legendary Tourance Next and the 4th generation of the Tourance range, the Tourance Next 2 is Metzeler’s newest enduro street tyre. Designed for the latest generation of adventure bikes and riders who prefer to stick to the tarmac more than the dirt, we think it sets a new benchmark for adventure bike road tyres.

A totally new front tread pattern means visually it is very different to its predecessor, but the real evolution goes beyond that!

0 degree steel belt construction with Metzeler’s Interact™ technology give the tyres an agile and neutral behaviour, which in turn gives confidence and control on all types of tarmac. Metzeler DYMATEC™ (Dynamic Mould Angle Technology) and new compounds ensure immediate and durable performance throughout the tyres entire life cycle.

The new compound and construction of the tyre means impressive wet handling and braking performance. The Tourance Next 2 sets the new benchmark in this segment for its handling and performance – even in cold temperatures, boasting 1.5m shorter stopping distances than its best competitor in the segment.

Finally, if you like munching the miles, the combination of new compounds and construction means the Tourance Next 2 offers outstanding comfort and handling whether you’re riding solo, 2 up, or fully loaded with luggage – letting you challenge any road head on!

Available Individually, or as a pair

Dunlop Roadsmart IV

When Dunlop released the Roadsmart III back in 2016, it was a completely new tyre, not an evolution of an existing tyre, and it soon became one of the most popular premium GT tyres all over the world!

For 2022, Dunlop have raised their game again and have released the Roadsmart IV with new tread patterns, profiles, construction, and compounds. Not designed purely for touring, but a tyre that rewards the rider with great handling, great mileage, and great wet/dry grip.

Both front and rear profiles have been changed on the Roadsmart IV, resulting in lighter steering and a more linear response to give a more consistent feeling from full lean to upright and gives less fatigue for the rider. New tread patterns work in harmony with the new profiles to improve tread wear, handling and grip (especially in wet conditions), whilst optimised groove angles and a strengthened tread rigidity give even wear across the life of the tyre.

New compounds help to increase the mileage and performance of the Roadsmart IV, with increased silica content, multi-tread technology and progressive compound layering help with quicker warm up times, class leading mileage, excellent corner grip and long-lasting high performance in the wet and the dry.

If you ride on the sportier side of touring, then the Roadsmart IV could be a good choice for 2022!

Available Individually, or as a pair.

Dunlop Qualifier Core

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Dunlop have a long-established reputation in motorcycle sports tyres and 2022 will see a tyre released that is true to this reputation… the Dunlop Qualifier Core.

Sitting just below the Sportsmart Mk3 in their range, the Qualifier Core is an excellent choice for supersport and hypersport bike owners who want a sports tyre that offers excellent grip, dynamic handling and great feedback. Thanks to modern technology and innovative manufacturing methods, sports bike owners can now experience the levels of performance that was previously restricted to high-end tyres.

Dunlop have used their proven DFF (Dynamic Front Formula) to shape and mould the tyres profile to provide the ideal balance between steering effort, stability and feedback to deliver ultimate confidence and enjoyment. This also delivers more progressive and predictable cornering and reduced fall-down at maximum lean.

HCT (Heat Control Technology) combines a long-lasting outer compound with a heat-generating and performance-enhancing base layer for maximum durability, as well as increased grip. By combining this all-new compound with a Sportsmart inspired tread pattern, the Qualifier Core acts impeccably on the road with an optimised footprint, even wear, excellent dry grip and reassuring wet weather performance.

If you are looking for an excellent sports tyre that delivers performance by the bucket load, but doesn’t break the bank, then the Qualifier core could be for you! 

Available Individually, or as a pair.

So there you have it, Demon Tweeks top picks for new tyres in 2022, which will allow you to get back to what matters most, riding your bike! Visit our website to find out more and check them out.

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  1. The fact that S22s aren’t mentioned here is insanity!!! All round best tyre I have EVER come across for the road (and they are incredibly good on track as well).

    Pirelli Supercorsa SPs are also incredible… Except in the cold. I don’t have too many issues with them in the wet (although some do and I will admit that ANY wet metal drain covers will leave you with brown pants). In the cold though, they are absolutely terrifying – the rear especially squirms like a trapped lizard when you even touch the rear brake or twist the throttle. For winter road riding you need a decent 10/15 mins of pootling around to warm them up enough to be even remotely useable.

    S22s though… I have them on my K6 GSX-R1000 and my Street Triple 765 RS and they are genuinely astounding. MUCH better life than the Pirellis and they somehow manage to grip grip grip in all conceivable conditions. My only (slight) gripe is that I do MUCH prefer the profile (shape) of the Pirellis – they inspire a bit more confidence at higher lean angles and turn in is a bit more “crisp”. On the road though, this isn’t really an issue at all (unless you are a straight up lunatic). You’ll NEVER get rid of your chicken strips on the Supercorsa SPs on the road, which perhaps highlights the aggressive profile effectively, while the S22s will lose those strips if you ride relatively sensibly with lean angles that won’t make your Street Triple’s pegs drag.

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