Sim Racing 101 Series | Episode #1: Pedals

Welcome to our new sim racing series with in-house sim expert Gaz and McLaren Factory GT3 driver Joe Osborne! Over the next few episodes we’ll be discussing everything from sim racing pedals, steering wheels and bases to computers, monitors, rigs and even “simwear”.

Can we Replicate a GT3 car?

If you are serious about sim racing, you will know that a good set of pedals make all the difference in a sim racing setup. In episode #1 of Sim Racing 101 we test out Heusinkveld Engineering’s Ultimate+ sim racing pedals offering. Joe takes the pedals for a spin and tunes them to perfectly match his GT3 McLaren 720s.

Heusinkveld Engineering Ultimate+ sim pedals have the very best in simulator pedal technology that will provide you with the very best pedal feel available. The Ultimate+ pedals represent a significant update over the Ultimate pedals with custom bespoke hydraulic dampers, smart control compatibility, added slide bearings to major load bearing pivot points, improved sensor mounts and custom Heusinkveld specific brake springs for a smooth and responsive operation.

Constructed from strong and durable materials using advanced design and manufacturing techniques such as CAD, FEA (Finite Element Analysis) and CNC precision laser cutting, the pedals are beautifully engineered to create the most authentic look and feel.

A set of 3 pedals are available to purchase, in different configurations depending on your needs. There is the 3-pedal set, throttle, brake and clutch, a 2-pedal set which consists of just the throttle and brake. Finally, there is the option to purchase just the clutch if you are not requiring all 3 pedals.

The details are broken down below:


The Ultimate+ throttle features a 1-way hydraulic damper that resists speed at the ingoing stoke that helps with smoothing the throttle application which is used on many real cars for this same purpose. The pedal is highly adjustable for travel, pre-load and spring stiffness.


The brake pedal features a dual stage braking system which includes a coil spring to simulate the gap between the pad and the disc before progressive rubber springs take over to provide the firmness that you would expect from a race car pedal. The firmness can be adjusted to 9 possible resistance settings, ranging from extremely hard to very soft. The pedal is also capable of providing a maximum pedal force of 140kg (200kg loadcell), this allows the driver to improve their braking ability through the use of muscle memory which improves accuracy and consistency.


The Ultimate+ clutch pedal becomes lighter after it passes the clutch bite point, just like a real clutch pedal does. A regressive spring mechanism allows full adjustment. Like the brake pedal, the clutch pedal is capable of delivering a force far in excess of regular consumer pedals with a maximum pedal effort of 45kg. This can also be adjusted to provide a lighter feel if required.

USB Smart Controller / Load Cell Amplifier

This allows the connection of the pedals to a PC. With this smart controller you can configure output curves (non-liner), set pedal dead zones and brake pedal force. All settings can be saved into profiles and can be reloaded with a few mouse clicks. 

Heusinkveld Engineering Sim Racing Sprint Pedals

Another offering is the Heusinkveld Engineering Sprint Sim Pedals, which set new standards for simulator pedal systems and are a worthy successor to the highly acclaimed Sim Pedals Pro which they replace. As well as sporting a new look, the Sprint pedals have had a complete overhaul in every aspect.

  • Provides up to 64kg/141lbs of braking force with a custom made load cell
  • SmartControl software enables you to set up your pedals exactly how you want them
  • Lightweight and compact design to enable you to fit them to a wide range of simulators
  • Custom made throttle and clutch spring which provide the best pedal feel
  • New brake load cell detection mechanism which features a smaller lever actuated load cell sensor

Compared to the Sprint the Ultimate+ pedals are slightly wider and have a longer chassis, meaning you’ll have to check the dimensions of your pedal base if choosing the Ultimate+.

Similar to the Ultimate+, the Sprint Pedals are available as a 3 pedal or 2 pedal set for those not requiring a clutch pedal. A single clutch pedal is also available for converting a 2-pedal set into a 3-pedal set at a later date.

All of this means that you can focus on improving your lap times and winning races, having the confidence that you will never be let down by your pedals again. 

If you need to contact someone for expert advice we are available at [email protected] or at our dedicated phone number: 01978 666478

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