Travis Pastrana Takes Gymkhana 2022 To The Next Level

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Bigger and you might argue better than ever!

Gymkhana 2022 is here

Here at Demon Tweeks, we love all things which push man and machine to the limit. We were just as excited as anyone when we saw the announcement of this year’s Gymkhana and the car they will be using, the Subaru ‘Family Huckster Wagon’. A car which is loosely based on the Subaru GL Wagon from 1983. In the same way the 2002 film ‘Catch Me If You Can’ is loosely based on a true story, the new car merely takes inspiration from the old.

First appearing at Goodwood Festival of Speed 2022, we followed the ‘Family Huckster’ up the hill and were blown away by the sound of the EJ-based 2.3 litre flat four, 862hp engine revving to over 8,000 rpm. 

We were even more speechless by the active aero, seeing wings and vents open like a peacock attracting a mate… These aren’t there just to look cool either, Vermont Sportscar (the boffins behind the build) made it functional, stating its main use is to aid the braking over adding downforce or anything else, which after watching the video they clearly didn’t want! These elements, together with the retro styling are the right ingredients for a fan favourite.

It wasn’t the quickest up the hill but made one of the biggest impressions. Seeing the car in action only built hype for the 2022 video further, to see what crazy things the Hoonigan team were going to use it for.

Now a staple in the motorsport & performance car world. Enter the 2022 video, featuring Travis Pastrana and the ‘Family Huckster’.

You’ve surely seen it by now, if not why not? Go ahead and click to the Hoonigan YouTube channel and watch it to see close calls with barriers to a drag race, aquaplaning, drifting around a monster truck and a heart in the mouth jump over a helicopter. Any one of these could stand alone as their own piece of YouTube content, but these are just a few of the stunts in the video, we haven’t mentioned how Travis managed to break his pelvis! Gymkhana 2022 doesn’t disappoint. 

Want to build a Gymkhana car for yourself? 

We stock everything you could need to put you on the right track to making your own, from performance tires from Yokohama (as seen in the 2022 video) to engine tuning components, suspension, exhausts, electrical and gauges down to car preparation products. All available at Demon Tweeks.

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