Best Suspension for Ford Fiesta ST

Upgrading your Ford Fiesta’s suspension is a sure-fire way to not only boost its performance on the road but also give it a sleek, custom look that turns heads. Whether you’re a track day enthusiast, a street performance lover, or someone who appreciates the aesthetics of a well-sitting car, this guide is for you. We’ve curated the very best suspension upgrades – from lowering springs to anti-roll bars – that promise not just an enhanced driving experience but also improved handling and aesthetics.

The Ford Fiesta ST, renowned for its blend of practicality and fun-driving characteristics, offers a solid foundation for modification. Suspension upgrades can transform your Fiesta from a capable commuter to a track-ready performer or a show-stopping custom ride. Understanding the components and selecting the right products is key to achieving your desired balance between comfort, style, and performance.

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So, let’s get into it and kick off with Lowering Springs…

Lowering Springs

Lowering springs are among the most straightforward and effective ways to enhance your Ford Fiesta’s appearance and performance. By reducing the vehicle’s ride height, they lower the centre of gravity, which significantly improves handling by minimising body roll during cornering. This also reduces the air flow under the car, which can slightly reduce drag and potentially improve fuel efficiency. Aesthetic benefits include a more aggressive stance, making the car look as fast as it feels. Lowering springs offer a great balance of improved performance and maintained ride quality, making them a popular first step in suspension tuning for many getting into the mod scene.

There are plenty of options available for the Fiesta but we have picked our favourites that we think stand out from the rest.

  • Eibach Pro Kit – Lowers 20mm: Begin your journey with the Eibach Pro Kit. It’s subtle, yet effective, giving your Fiesta a sleeker profile without sacrificing comfort. Perfect for daily driving, these springs offer a smoother ride and improved aerodynamics. Ready to feel every curve? Check it out.
  • H&R Sports Springs – Lowers 30mm: Crave a bit more aggression? Drop it like it’s hot with H&R Sports Springs. Dive into corners with confidence and enjoy a lowered look that turns heads. Find them here.
  • Vogtland Springs – Lowers 25mm: Strike the perfect balance between performance and aesthetics with Vogtland. These springs offer a moderate drop, enhancing your ride’s look while refining its handling prowess. Explore Vogtland Springs.

Performance Shocks

Performance shocks, or shock absorbers, are designed to better manage the impact and rebound movement of your car’s springs and suspension. They ensure that your tyres maintain contact with the road surface for the most time possible, improving grip, stability, and comfort. Upgrading to performance shocks on a Ford Fiesta ST can transform the driving experience, offering enhanced responsiveness and reduced body roll in turns. These shocks are typically firmer than stock, providing a tighter ride that can handle more aggressive driving and higher speeds with ease. For those looking to improve their Fiesta’s handling without sacrificing too much comfort, performance shocks are a worthwhile investment.

  • Bilstein B8 Sprint Shock Absorber: Tailored for performance enthusiasts, the Bilstein B8 Sprint series promises to keep your Fiesta planted. With these shocks, expect nothing less than exceptional handling and a ride quality that’s smooth as silk. Front Left, Front Right, Rear.


Coilovers are an all-in-one suspension solution that allow for adjustable ride height and, in many cases, adjustable damping as well. This level of adjustability provides drivers with the flexibility to fine-tune their vehicle’s suspension to match their driving style and conditions perfectly. By lowering the car, you can improve handling and reduce body roll, just like with lowering springs, but with the added benefit of being able to adjust the stiffness of the ride to your preference. This makes coilovers an excellent choice for those who may want to use their Fiesta for a variety of activities, from daily driving to weekend track days, allowing for quick adjustments between comfort and performance setups.

  • Bilstein B14 PSS Coilover Suspension Kit: For those who demand the best, the Bilstein B14 kit offers precision engineering and ride height adjustability, ensuring your Fiesta performs flawlessly on any terrain. Dive deeper.
  • ST Suspension ST X Coilover Kit: ST Suspension brings you a blend of performance and value, with durable construction and dependable handling improvements. Get ready to customise your Fiesta’s stance and handling to perfection. Learn more.
  • KW Suspension V1 Coilover Kit: KW sets the standard with their Variant 1 kit, offering sporty, balanced handling with the bonus of adjustable ride height. Tailor your Fiesta’s dynamics to your exact preferences. Check it out.


Bushes, or bushings, are rubber or polyurethane components that act as cushions between the car’s suspension parts, absorbing shock and reducing friction. Over time, stock rubber bushings can wear out and degrade, leading to increased noise, vibration, and harshness, and diminished handling precision. Upgrading to high-quality aftermarket bushes from brands such as Powerflex or Polybush can dramatically improve the feel and responsiveness of your Fiesta’s suspension. Polyurethane bushes, in particular, offer increased durability and stiffness, leading to sharper handling and more direct feedback from the road. They’re an essential upgrade for anyone looking to enhance their car’s performance and longevity.

  • Powerflex Bushes: From front arm rear to wishbone front and rear beam bushes, Powerflex offers the upgrade your Fiesta needs for pinpoint steering accuracy and unwavering stability. Adjustable Caster, Front Wishbone, Rear Beam.

Anti Roll Bars

Anti-roll bars, also known as sway bars, are designed to reduce body roll during sharp cornering or over road irregularities. They do this by connecting the opposite wheels of a car together through short lever arms linked by a torsion spring. Upgrading to a more rigid anti-roll bar on a Ford Fiesta ST can significantly improve its cornering stability and grip, making the car feel more planted and responsive. This upgrade is particularly beneficial for those looking to improve their vehicle’s handling during spirited driving or on the track. Anti-roll bars are a relatively simple and cost-effective way to enhance your Fiesta’s performance, providing noticeable improvements in handling without compromising ride quality.

  • Whiteline Fixed Rear Anti-Roll Bar: Embrace the next level of lateral grip and improved handling with Whiteline. Known for their precision engineering, this anti-roll bar is a must-have for any Fiesta owner looking to dominate the corners. Explore Whiteline.

Though it can be a bit of a minefield when it comes to suspension mods, we have this has simplified some of the process and allows you to choose the best suspension upgrade for you. Always keep in mind how you use your car first and foremost when it comes up upgrading. If you daily drive and still need comfort, then coilovers might not be the best choice. Whereas for track days and fast road use, they will fulfil your needs perfectly.

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