Best Sim Racing Seats 2024: The Complete Guide

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the Best Sim Racing Seats of 2024! If you’re looking to raise your sim racing game, the right seat can make all the difference.

It’s not just about comfort; it’s about finding that perfect blend of realism, immersion, and support that can withstand the intensity of sim racing. Whether you’re a seasoned racer or just starting, our list has been expertly curated by measuring each seat against 5 key areas you should consider when buying. Once you’ve read this blog, you will be able to navigate the vast options and pick a seat that’s just right for your setup. 

Best Sim Racing Seats

Sim Racing has become incredibly popular, with current and ex F1 drivers using it as a tool for training (and fun), check out our in depth introduction to Sim Racing

If you cant wait to find out our top picks for 2024, they are at the end of this guide. 

Let’s dive into some key questions and what you should consider when looking to buy a sim racing seat.

First things first, do you actually need a racing seat for sim racing?

You don’t strictly need a racing seat; a simple desk or table can work for attaching certain types of racing wheels. However, a more immersive, fun and realistic setup involves a racing wheel, pedals, and ideally, a sim racing cockpit and purpose built seat. Sim racing seats themselves can significantly enhance the experience by adding immersion and comfort. 

Best Sim Racing Seats

How do I choose a sim racing seat? Top 5 things you need to consider

  1. Comfort

Having a comfy sim racing seat really matters because it lets you stay focused and comfortable, especially during those long sessions. It helps keep your posture right, so you don’t end up with back pain or feeling sore afterward. Basically, the more comfortable you are, the better you can perform and enjoy your racing time without any distractions or discomfort.

  1. Fitment / Mounting

Checking out the fitment and mounting options is super important because it’s all about making sure your new seat actually fits with your setup at home. You don’t want to end up with a seat that’s a hassle to attach or one that doesn’t match your rig. Plus, the right fit can make your racing experience way more comfy and give you that sturdy feel, so you’re not wobbling around when things get intense on the track.

When picking a sim racing seat, fitment and mounting options are key. Luckily, we’ve got side mounts to fit your seat perfectly. Fitting seats to profiled rigs is pretty straightforward, but tube-framed rigs? They’re all unique with their own quirks, so it’s worth diving into those specifics. The good news is, all side-mounted seats share the same spacing, so they’ll pair up nicely with our side mounts, offering tilt options for that perfect angle. For reclining seats, there are base frames to tweak the fit or, sometimes, you can attach them directly to your cockpit or use a seat slider for that custom setup.

  1. Size

When picking out a sim racing seat, size really matters because you want to ensure it fits you like a glove. Imagine being in a seat that’s too snug or way too roomy—it’s going to throw off your game and comfort. Plus, the right size affects how well the seat fits with your racing setup, making sure you’re in the perfect position to hit those fast laps without any distractions or discomfort. Getting the size right means a better racing experience, period.

  1. Adjustability

Adjustability in a sim racing seat is super important because it lets you tweak the seat’s position to perfectly match your body and driving style. This flexibility means you can avoid discomfort and stay focused on the race. Plus, it allows for a more personalised setup, ensuring that everything from the steering wheel to the pedals is just where you need them. Seat sliders can be used for fixed bucket seats and reclining seats to allow easier access and exact positioning. It’s all about making your racing experience as comfortable and immersive as possible.

  1. Strength

Strength and build quality in a sim racing seat are key because they determine how well the seat holds up to intense racing sessions and frequent use. A well-built seat ensures durability and stability, giving you the confidence to fully immerse in your racing without worrying about wear and tear. High-quality materials and construction not only extend the lifespan of your seat but also enhance your overall experience by providing a solid and supportive foundation for every race.

Sim racing seats

Additional Considerations

Fixed bucket seat or reclining seat?

Deciding between a fixed bucket seat and a recliner for your sim rig setup? It boils down to immersion versus comfort. Race cars, known for their snug fit, mirror the fixed bucket seats that clamp your body for a real race feel. If you’re after that authentic vibe, especially for racing games like F1, a fixed seat might be your pick. Recliners, on the other hand, offer more comfort for longer sessions and can sometimes be more forgiving size-wise. They’re great for a variety of racing games and are a bit more versatile in terms of body width compatibility.

Looks of the seat

As with most things, you will want your sim racing seat to look good on your setup, Ultimately it is down to personal preference, plus you might be restricted on what you can pick based on what will fit and work with your setup. But as the seat is visually one of the largest parts of the setup you want it to look good as it can enhance the overall look and feel of the whole setup.


When picking a sim racing seat, the type of material is not something to be overlooked as it affects your comfort, the seat’s lifespan, and how realistic your racing feels. Different materials offer various benefits; for instance, lighter materials like carbon fibre provide a solid, race-like feel but might cost more, whereas softer materials enhance comfort for longer races. It’s about finding the right balance between the authentic race car feel and being comfortable enough for long sessions.

GT, Formula and Rally (Sport) seats, what are the differences?

GT, Formula, and Rally (Sport) seats are tailored to distinct driving styles. A GT seat offers support via an upright seating suitable for a range of races, reflecting their real-world counterparts. Formula seats, with their reclined layout, aim for deep immersion in formula-style racing, yet might challenge comfort during extended periods. Rally seats marry performance with cosiness, making them ideal for various racing scenarios, including rally events. Each seat style impacts the driver’s posture and comfort, shaping the simulated racing experience.

Pros and Cons

GT Seats: 

Pros: A versatile upright position suitable for various racing types and styles. 

Cons: Can be difficult to get in and out of.

Formula Seats: 

Pros: High immersion with a reclined driving position for formula racing. 

Cons: Less suitability for all body and racing types, plus can be a pain to get in and out of.

Rally (Sport) Seats: 

Pros: Good balance between performance and comfort, adaptable to different racing types. 

Cons: Might not offer the specific features or extreme positions of GT or Formula seats.

Formula Sim Racing Seats

What is the best sitting position for sim racing?

The best sitting position for sim racing is ultimately your preference but there are ways to optimise it for comfort and performance. If realism is what you’re after, you might want to emulate the style of a real GT race car or formula car. There are 3 areas to consider to get the optimum position:

  1. Seat – Rather than being bolt upright, a real GT race car has a slight recline of ~30 degrees, a formula seat has a more severe recline. This is for ergonomics, comfort and to relieve some potential pressures building in your lower body. You know yourself sitting bolt upright for any length of time, no matter how comfy the seat, does wear on you. 

Also, try to avoid slouching in your chair, doing this means there will be a gap between your lower back and the chair which will cause pain over a longer driving session. Use your chair’s lumbar support to help you. If there isn’t enough in the chair you bought, add a cushion to support your lower back.

  1. Wheel position – It’s important to avoid any pressure build up in your arms and wrists. This can be helped by wheel and seat position. You want the wheel in a natural position to grip so you aren’t overextending your wrists. Plus you don’t want to be stretching for the wheel when sitting down. If you are finding yourself leaning forward when driving to reach the wheel, you’ll soon become fatigued. To counter this, adjust the seat and/or wheel to get the perfect ergonomic position. 

  1. Pedal position – The final step to a perfect seating position is to adjust your pedals. Like with positioning your steering wheel, you don’t want to be overextending your knees and/or ankles as this can quickly fatigue you and give you pains throughout your legs. Try to sit straight on to the pedals, if you are finding you have to move your legs to the side to hit the pedals, try and adjust them or adjust your seat, as again this might feel fine at first but will quickly fatigue you and overtime will become painful.

To get the best out of your sim racing seat and setup, you want the position to be right. GT3 race driver Daniel Morad has an excellent video on the best seating position for sim racing, which goes further into the points above. 

Can you use race car seats or do you need specific sim racing seats?

What’s the difference between them both?

You can use real race car seats for your sim racing setup if you’re seeking an authentic racing feel, as they are designed for a real race car. However, choosing between a real race car seat and a sim-specific seat often comes down to personal preference for immersion versus comfort. Race car seats might be less comfortable but offer a more authentic experience, while sim racing seats may offer more comfort for longer sessions. 

Also sim racing seats don’t need to carry the homologation that real race car seats need, meaning a sim seat is free to be less rigid and offer more amenities. Such as built in cooling, and they can be less enclosed. Plus sim seats don’t need to accommodate seatbelts. So they are designed in a way which might not meet stringent homologation standards. 

Sabelt Sim Racing Seat

Best Sim Racing Seats 2024

Now you know what to look for when choosing a sim racing seat, let’s get into the good stuff!

Each seat has been measured against the top 5 considerations we highlighted at the beginning of this guide, so you know how they stand up in the areas you should consider.

O-Rouge C1 Cold Fusion Sim Racing Seat

The O-Rouge C1 Cold Fusion Sim Racing Seat is a game-changer in the sim racing world, blending innovative cooling technology with ergonomic design for unparalleled racing performance. Here’s why it stands out:

Comfort: The innovative ‘cold fusion’ foam and 3D woven fabric not only allow for significant airflow but also distribute it evenly across the surface. This design ensures a constant cooling effect, making long sessions more comfortable by significantly reducing heat buildup, enhancing focus and endurance.

Fitment/Mounting: Its robust construction is designed for easy integration into various sim racing setups. The high durability shell and adaptable mounting options ensure it can be securely attached, offering a stable and reliable racing platform.

Size: The seat is built to cater to a wide range of body types, featuring removable lumbar and leg supports that allow for extensive customisation. This ensures that every racer, regardless of size, can find a comfortable and supportive fit, optimising their racing posture.

Adjustability: The cooling level can be precisely controlled with a built-in rotary selector, allowing racers to find their perfect comfort setting. This adjustability is crucial for maintaining peak performance and focus, especially during intense or prolonged racing sessions.

Strength: Made from glass fibre reinforced polyester, the seat combines strength and style. Its construction ensures it can withstand the rigours of intense racing, while the sleek black velour finish adds a touch of elegance to your racing setup.

These features collectively make the O-Rouge C1 a top choice, offering a blend of comfort, adaptability, and performance enhancement.

O-Rouge C1 Cold Fusion seat

Choose this seat if:

  • You value comfort and want to stay cool and focused during long gaming sessions, thanks to its ‘cold fusion’ foam and active cooling system.
  • You’re looking for a durable and adjustable seat that can easily integrate into various sim racing setups and accommodate different body types.

Don’t choose this seat if:

  • You’re on a tight budget, as advanced features and materials may come at a higher price point.
  • If you race formula sim’s, a different option may suit your needs better.

To see the very latest price for the O-Rouge C1 Cold Fusion Sim Racing Seat head on over to the Demon Tweeks website.

Sabelt Sim Racing SRX-1 Seat

The Sabelt Sim Racing SRX-1 Seat is an exceptional addition to any sim racing setup, offering a blend of comfort, durability, and design optimised for an immersive racing experience. It combines ergonomic features and robust materials to enhance both performance and comfort. Here’s why it makes our list of top seats for this year:

Comfort: The 20mm thick high-density foam pads are something you can’t forget after trying it. The cushioning moulds your body, ensuring you stay comfortable and focused, even during marathon race sessions.

Fitment/Mounting: Its design features side fixing holes for easy installation, meaning it can seamlessly fit into a wide range of sim racing setups. This flexibility ensures that you won’t have to worry about compatibility issues with your existing or future rigs.

Size: The SRX-1 is designed to cater to a broad spectrum of racers, regardless of size. This inclusivity is achieved through its accommodating dimensions and the presence of removable supports, allowing for a personalised fit that can significantly enhance your racing experience.

Adjustability: While the seat itself emphasises a fixed optimal racing posture, the inclusion of features like removable supports indirectly offers a degree of adjustability, enabling you to fine-tune your sitting position to get the perfect seating position.

Strength: The use of a fibreglass shell in its construction not only provides a robust and stable foundation for intense racing sessions but also ensures the seat’s longevity. This material choice reflects a commitment to quality and durability, making the SRX-1 a wise investment for serious sim racers.

Each of these aspects contributes to why the Sabelt Sim Racing SRX-1 Seat stands out as a top recommendation for those looking to elevate their sim racing setup.

Sabelt Sim Racing SRX-1 Seat

Choose this seat if:

  • You prioritise comfort and a realistic racing experience, thanks to its high-density foam and optimal racing posture.
  • You need a seat that’s versatile and easy to integrate with various sim racing setups.

Don’t choose this seat if:

  • You’re on a tight budget, as premium features may come at a higher cost.
  • You require a seat with extensive adjustability options for the sitting position.

The latest price for the Sabelt Sim Racing SRX-1 Seat is on our website.

Sparco GP Sim Racing Seat

Want a F1 style seating position on your sim rig? The Sparco GP Sim Racing Seat has been specifically designed to emulate the feel of a single-seater race car such as F1. This seat combines strength, comfort, and adaptability with its fibreglass construction and customisable features. It literally puts you in the seat of a realistic formula racing environment. Perfect for those who crave the precision and excitement of single-seater racing, the Sparco GP elevates your sim racing setup to professional levels.

Lets see how it measures up in the 5 areas you care about:

Comfort: The Sparco GP seat’s cushion pads and headrest are engineered for customisation, allowing you to arrange them for a perfect, comfortable fit, enhancing your focus and endurance during races.

Fitment/Mounting: Its side mounting system is designed for straightforward, robust installation, ensuring the seat remains firmly in place, providing a solid foundation for your racing setup.

Size: This seat caters to a wide range of body sizes, ensuring an optimal fit that helps in maintaining a correct and comfortable driving posture.

Adjustability: The adjustability of the pads and headrest means you can fine-tune your seating position for personal comfort and better control, making long sessions more enjoyable.

Strength: Made from high-quality fibreglass, the seat combines durability with stability, standing up to intense racing sessions while offering a realistic single-seater racing feel.

Sparco GP Sim Racing Seat

Choose this seat if:

  • You’re aiming for a single-seater racing experience, thanks to its design that mimics the driving position of real single seater cars.
  • You value customisation for comfort, with adjustable cushion pads and a removable headrest to tailor your fit.

Don’t choose this seat if:

  • Your budget is limited, as high-quality materials like fibreglass and the advanced design may come at a premium.
  • You’re wanting a more versatile seat, one which is more suited to more racing types, such as a GT style seat.

Interested? The latest price of the Sparco GP Sim Racing Seat is on our website.

Cobra Imola Pro-Fit Fibreglass Sim Racing Seat

The Cobra Imola Pro-Fit Fibreglass Sim Racing Seat is specially crafted for sim racing, based on the popular Imola Pro-Fit competition seat, it merges competition-grade design with sim-specific modifications. With its PRO-FIT customisation options and its tailored construction to suit all drivers, it had to make it onto our list of top sim racing seats for this year. 

Let’s take a look into each of the key areas to see why it has a place on the list.

Comfort: Enhanced by the PRO-FIT cushion system for a tailored fit. This system, unique to Cobra is designed to accommodate a much wider range of drivers through use of padding and enabling the correct positioning when sat in the seat.

Fitment/Mounting: Optimised for sim racing cockpits, allowing easy integration.  This seat does not come with mounts, they need to be ordered separately. As with all sim racing seats there is a plethora of mounting options to suit almost all sim rigs.

Size: Rather than only having the option to adjust padding and cushions, this seat is available in Standard and Large (GT width sizes), accommodating a wider range of drivers.

Adjustability: PRO-FIT™ custom padding system, coupled with the 2 base size options means this seat offers 18 size combinations for precise positioning.

Strength: With a pedigree in motorsport this seat has been constructed with a focus on rigidity, ensuring durability and support.

With its taller profile and PRO-FIT customisation, it suits a wide array of drivers and setups, ensuring comfort, stability, and a realistic racing experience. Whether you’re in a tight cockpit space or need a seat that accommodates different body sizes, the Imola Pro-Fit’s versatility and durability make it an outstanding choice for immersive sim racing.

Cobra Imola Pro-Fit Fibreglass

Choose this seat if:

  • You’re seeking a highly customisable fit with the PRO-FIT system for optimal comfort and support during long races.
  • You need a seat that’s very modular, thanks to its standard and Large (GT) options.

Don’t choose this seat if:

  • You want a seat for formula racing mainly or want a seat which has the option to recline.
  • The amount of options available can be overwhelming for someone who doesn’t know what they are looking for.

The most up to date price for the Cobra Imola Pro-Fit Fibreglass Sim Racing Seat is on our website.

Trak Racer Reclining Sport Seat For Sim Cockpits

A household name in sim racing, Trak Racer are well known in this space and for good reason, they make some of the most highly regarded sim products around. Enter their Reclining Sport Seat especially designed for sim racing. With a comfortable and ergonomic design, it is suitable for most size drivers who drive for long periods of time.

Lets dive into why its made our list of 5 best sim racing seats:

Comfort: The Trak Racer Reclining Sport Seat is designed for both comfort. It has lots of high-density foam that provides excellent support, especially for long racing sessions. The seat also features a convenient handle-driven reclining mechanism, allowing you to adjust your seating position on the fly. This combination of padding and reclining features is what sets this seat apart from the rest in our list.

Fitment/Mounting: The Trak Racer Reclining Sport Seat offers flexible fitment and mounting options. It’s designed with convenience in mind, featuring a ‘universal seat bracket’ option (sold separately) for those who need it, ensuring a secure and straightforward installation process. This adaptability makes it a great choice for different sim racing setups.

Size: This seat is tailored to fit a broad range of body sizes, offering comfortable support for drivers. Its design accommodates up to a 45” waist, ensuring inclusivity and comfort for most sim racers.

Adjustability: The seat offers adjustability options, including a convenient handle-driven reclining mechanism. This feature allows you to adjust the backrest angle for optimal comfort and support, ensuring a more enjoyable and ergonomic sim racing experience​

Strength: This seat is constructed with a strong, lightweight steel tubular frame and is complemented by injection-moulded foam for durability and comfort. This combination ensures the seat is robust enough to withstand long gaming sessions while providing excellent support and maintaining its shape and comfort over time.

Trak Racer Reclining Sport Seat

Choose this seat if:

  • You value adjustable comfort and support for long sim racing sessions.
  • You prefer a seat with a durable frame and materials that can withstand intense use.

Don’t choose this seat if:

  • You’re seeking a seat with minimal or no adjustment features 
  • Your setup requires a seat with specific compatibility features not supported by this model.

We have the latest price of the Trak Racer Reclining Sport Seat on our website.

It’s evident that each of the seats in our list of ‘5 best sim racing seats’ offer a unique blend of comfort, realism, and durability to enhance your racing experience but our journey through the top 5 best sim racing seats is not done yet. We have some honourable mentions which didn’t quite make our top 5 list but are definitely worth your consideration:

Honourable Mentions

Single Seaters (Formula)

Starting out with formula style single seaters we have the Sabelt Sim Racing SRP-1 Seat. Designed specifically for sim racing, it combines comfort, adjustability, and a durable build for an immersive racing experience. It’s tailored for a broad range of drivers, featuring a taller profile and a customisable cushion system to ensure optimal fit and support. The seat’s design allows for fitting in narrower spaces, making it versatile for different setups. For more details, you can visit the product page on Demon Tweeks.

Rally (Sport) Seats

Our next honourable mention comes from Sparco. Renowned for their racing heritage is the Sparco Circuit / Circuit II QRT Fibreglass Sim Racing Seat. The Circuit I and Circuit II (standard and large size respectively) have been made using Sparco’s QRT (Quick Resin Technology). This is a pioneering manufacturing process which allows the seat to be 30% lighter than with a conventional build process. But what does this mean? It means the seat is carbon fibre weight but at a fibreglass price. In other words, it’s super light and more affordable at the same time! 

The seat is also super soft and has a built in head restraint, which adds an extra racing look to your sim setup. It’s definitely one to consider…

GT Seat

Finally, take a look at the O-Rouge C2 Cold Fusion Sim Racing Seat. Similar but different to the O-Rouge C1 Cold Fusion Seat which featured in our top 5 list, the O-Rough C2 seat is geared more toward a GT style of sim racing over others. The biggest differentiator you’ll notice straight away is the motorsport inspired head restraint. Also, just as with the C1, the C2 features the innovative active cooling system, including four ventilators to keep you comfortable and focused. The design allows for adjustable cooling levels and is made from durable glass fibre reinforced polyester. Finished in black velvet with removable leg supports for added comfort, it incorporates a 3D mesh for even air distribution, ensuring you stay cool without pressure points during intense braking manoeuvres.

Demon Tweeks Sim Racing Academy

To Sum Up

So there we have it, our complete list (with some honourable mentions thrown in) the best sim racing seats for this year. From the cooling technology of the O-Rouge seat to the sporty design of the Trak Racer, there’s a seat tailored to everyone’s needs, if your unsure or just want to try them before committing to buying, come down to the Demon Tweeks Sim Racing Academy, where you can try a product before you buy! Whether you prioritise immersive feedback, ergonomic support, or the thrill of speed, these seats are designed to elevate your sim racing setup to new heights.

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