Discover the Thrills & Realism of Sim Racing at the Academy

Sim racing has revolutionised the way we experience motorsports, allowing enthusiasts to indulge in the thrill and realistic nature of racing from the comfort of their homes

The Demon Tweeks Sim Racing Academy will show you how realistic sim racing can be

At the Demon Tweeks Sim Racing Academy, we offer an unparalleled sim racing experience, combining premium products used by professional racers with state-of-the-art technology. Whether you’re a seasoned sim racer or new to the world of virtual racing, our academy provides the perfect environment to get started or to get faster at sim racing.

Unleashing the Power of Premium Products

At the Demon Tweeks Sim Racing Academy, we believe in offering nothing but the best and most realistic experience. We provide access to premium products that are favoured by professional racers, ensuring an immersive and authentic sim racing experience. 

Sim racing top of the range products

If you haven’t tried a top of the range sim rig before, it’s the products which make the difference. The triple monitor screens, wheelbases, pedals, steering wheel and motion system bring you as close to driving the real thing as possible, you won’t be asking ‘how realistic can sim racing be?’ afterwards!

How the wheelbase adds immersion

The wheelbase provides the car’s force feedback to a steering wheel. It is arguably the heart of the rig, it provides all the details from the track and you can feel what the car is doing through a corner such as understeer and oversteer, all of this detail is vital to be fast. Our Simucube options are the only ones you need to consider as they are the leaders in direct drive technology.

Arguably the heart of a sim rig

Steering wheels, you can tell the difference between a good quality product or not by the feel. Tactile buttons and rotary switches for simple in car adjustments are key for the perfect setup. Plus magnetic shifters on the rear of the wheel give you that crisp gear change. All of this allows you to be more consistent over a lap. Depending on if you are looking for a Formula or GT wheel, with or without a screen, we have them all for you to try.

Gomez Sim Industries steering wheel

Stay competitive with sim racing pedals

A good set of pedals are hugely important to be competitive in sim racing, they give more consistency and enable you to modulate throttle control and brake pressure meaning you can be more consistent every lap. This allows you to feel in total control which will yield lap time. Your pedals need to be solidly mounted and made of tough stuff, so when you hit the brake pedal with up to 200kg of force, they don’t flex. Whilst most throttle and clutch pedals are a ‘load cell’ type of pedal, we have options of hydraulic brake pedals which arguably feel more like a proper race car, it depends what feeling you are trying to replicate but we cover all options.

Sim racing pedals

You’ll forget your on a sim rig with the Qubic motion system

The final part to a truly next level experience is the Qubic motion system. Designed to take the experience to a place you used to only imagine. The system consists of 4 actuators, 4 brackets and control modules, which fit to the rig and move it depending on; track elevation, bumps, kerbs, a trip through the gravel, car body roll, movement, or you bumping another car. The system moves and reacts to truly give you a next level experience behind the wheel. (Honestly words on a page do not do this system justice…).

Each of these alongside the carefully assembled rig, create an environment where every detail comes to life. It’s something which has to be seen and felt to be believed…

Sim racing academy Demon Tweeks

We have the very latest products for you to try from the best brands in the industry, including Trak Racer, Gomez Sim Industries, Qubic System, Cube Controls, Heusinkveld, SimAir and many more.

The Sim Racing Platform

To deliver an unparalleled and realistic racing experience, we have chosen iRacing as our main circuit sim racing platform. iRacing stands out with its high-tech scanner, which meticulously scans real-world tracks, capturing every crack and bump. This level of detail ensures that what you see and feel in real life can be replicated on your home simulator. Moreover, iRacing employs real-life data and dimensions to construct its virtual cars, making them as close to reality as possible. 

On hand is also DiRT Rally 2.0. For budding rally drivers this is the perfect sim to get you used to rallying stages, it gives you the chance to drive vehicles from a Mini Cooper S to the brutal but beautiful Group B rally cars such as the Audi Quattro and Ford RS200!

Prospective drivers can potentially try any sim they want, from rFactor2 to Assetto Corsa on request. We can cater to everyone to give the best experience. It’s no wonder that an increasing number of professional drivers use sim racing to refine their skills and gain valuable track knowledge.

Sim racing academy tutoring

Sim Racing Sessions Tailored to Your Needs

The Demon Tweeks Sim Racing Academy caters to racers of all skill levels and interests. Whether you’re considering diving into sim racing, want to test a product before making a purchase, or seek to learn a new track without the expense of testing fees, we have a session designed just for you.

Basic 1-hour session (£50)

Ideal for those who have previous sim racing experience, this session allows you to try out specific products before making a purchase. Prior to your booking, we gather information about the equipment you’d like to try, ensuring that our simulator is prepared for your arrival. During your hour-long session, you’ll have the freedom to explore and experience the equipment first hand.

1-hour session with 1:1 in-depth equipment and setup (£70)

Perfect for newcomers to sim racing, this session provides a comprehensive introduction to our professional equipment and software. Our sim racing expert will guide you through the intricacies of the equipment, offer valuable driving tips, and help you optimise your setup. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to compare different products and find the best fit for your racing style.

Demon Tweeks Sim Racing academy

Flexible Booking and Personalised Comfort

We understand the importance of personalisation and comfort in sim racing. Our sessions are one hour long, but there is no limit to the number of slots you can book, allowing you to tailor your experience to suit your needs. Furthermore, our simulator rigs are equipped with seat and pedal sliders, ensuring that racers of all heights can find their perfect seating position, maximising both comfort and performance.

Book Your Sim Racing Experience Today

Want to know how to get into sim racing? Look no further! To secure your spot at the Demon Tweeks Sim Racing Academy, simply email or call our knowledgeable experts. Our booking hours are Monday to Friday, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm and sessions are held at our headquarters in Wrexham North Wales.

Email = [email protected] 

Phone = (0)1978 666478.

The Demon Tweeks Sim Racing Academy invites you to unlock the exhilarating and realistic world of sim racing. With our premium products, cutting-edge technology, and access to the renowned iRacing platform, we provide an unparalleled experience for both seasoned racers and curious beginners. 

Whether you want to fine-tune your skills, test products before purchasing, or learn new tracks without hefty testing fees, our academy offers tailored sessions to meet your specific needs. 

Don’t miss out on the chance to immerse yourself in the thrill of virtual racing. Contact our knowledgeable experts today to book your spot at the Demon Tweeks Sim Racing Academy. Whether you’re a seasoned racer or a curious beginner, our academy promises an unforgettable sim racing experience.

Sim racing academy in action

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