JapFest 2023: A Celebration of JDM Love with Demon Tweeks

JapFest 2023 might be in the rear-view mirror, but the high-octane memories and adrenaline-pumping experiences are still revving in our hearts. As die-hard modified car fanatics, we at Demon Tweeks couldn’t resist setting up a stand at JapFest to revel in the shared love of these fantastic machines. Buckle up as we take you on a turbocharged journey through our unforgettable time at JapFest 2023, where our products came to life on the cars we all adore.

Demon Tweeks Stand: A Showcase of JDM Goodies and Expertise

We wanted our stand to be a veritable treasure trove of JDM delights. With everything from race wear and helmets to wheels, intercoolers and dump valves, we aimed to dazzle visitors with a taste of what Demon Tweeks has to offer.

Our four show-stopping modified vehicles, a Pandem widebody GT86, a freshly rebuilt Nissan S13, a tastefully “tweeked” GR Yaris, and Bilstein’s track-focused A90 Toyota Supra, had heads turning left and right. But we didn’t stop there – we fired up the GT86, giving onlookers an eargasmic demo of its custom exhaust system that left them begging for more.

Demon Tweeks at JapFest 2023

Our Bilstein partners were on hand to dish out the lowdown on their suspension, while our sales team, being show car experts and owners themselves, shared their wisdom and experiences on all things modified. They covered the gamut from seats and harnesses to gauges and dials, suspension and handling to intercoolers and intakes. Our visitors left knowing that Demon Tweeks is the ultimate JDM pitstop.

A Celebration of Demon Tweeks Products in Action

As we admired the stunning array of vehicles on display, we couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride at seeing the products we offer in action. From EBC brakes and Yokohama Tyres to OZ and Rota wheels, our top-quality components were showcased on some of the most eye-catching cars at the event.

Visitors marveled at the performance-enhancing Mishimoto components and HKS filters, while others were impressed by the sleek aesthetics of OMP and Recaro seats. We spotted K&N filters, DEI exhaust wrap, and Racetech gauges, demonstrating how our diverse range of products caters to JDM enthusiasts’ needs.

Demon Tweeks at JapFest 2023

Memorable Moments and Popular Products

Our display cars and knowledgeable team attracted JDM aficionados like moths to a flame. The camaraderie and good-natured spirit at our stand created an atmosphere that was nothing short of electric.

One unforgettable moment came when we saved the day for a competitor who had forgotten his race gloves. With a stroke of luck, we had his size, and he went on to smash out some seriously impressive laps. Talk about being in the right place at the right time!

The Rota Kuysha wheel was a huge hit, and our selection of wheels and tyres sparked endless conversations. It was clear our visitors were as passionate about performance and handling as they were about aesthetics.

A Sea of JDM Classics

We ventured beyond our stand to catch up with suppliers and forge stronger bonds. The eye candy on display was nothing short of spectacular – classic MX5s, GTRs, Skylines, and RX7 rotary beauties vied for attention. And let’s not forget the iconic AE86, which proudly held court as always.

JapFest 2023 was an exhilarating ride, and we’re already revving up for next year’s event. Connecting with fellow JDM enthusiasts, sharing our passion, and having an absolute blast was the experience of a lifetime. Seeing our products in action on the vehicles we love made the event all the more special. We hope everyone who attended had as much fun as we did and left with their JDM thirst quenched – at least for now. We can’t wait to see you all again at JapFest 2024, where we’ll continue to celebrate this incredible culture and bring even more excitement and passion to the table!

JDM cars outside the Demon Tweeks stand at JapFest 2023

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