Tyre Brands New For 2023

At Demon Tweeks we are constantly enhancing our product line up with the best in the business. We are always on the lookout for more ways to cater to our audiences needs and requirements. Tyres are no different, check the new for 2023 brands here.

We are adding some well known and revered brands to our tyre portfolio, Kenda, Anlas and none other than Continental. Each of these brands have decades of experience in the tyre sector and are trusted throughout the bike community worldwide. 

Have a read below for what sectors they specialise in and check out the range we have available.

Kenda Tyres

Kenda have been engineering and manufacturing performance tyres since 1962. They have been enhancing their product line up of tyres for an ever-expanding range of vehicles.

With nearly 60 years’ experience, Kenda remains a leader in the tyre industry and was founded on the principles of honesty, service, quality and innovation.

An extremely popular choice – especially in adventure and MX sectors – Kenda’s continued commitment to these principles has led to the development of a broad spectrum of tyres and tread patterns to meet the rigorous demands of motorcyclists all over the globe.

Kenda K784 Big Block

  • Large tread blocks improve tread wear
  • High-impact bias-belted casing structure
  • Sizes also available for V-Twin customs

Kenda K6702 Cataclysm

  • Specially for V-Twin engines
  • Dual compound technology
  • Tread pattern designed to disperse water

Kenda K785 Millville

  • Directional rear tread with optimum block placement
  • Increased cornering grip
  • Tie bar supports at block bases

Anlas Tyres

Founded in the late 1960’s, Anlas is a tyre company focused on innovation and technology, with decades of previous experience and advances in rubber and tyre technologies. Designed to meet the highest requirements in terms of quality and performance.

Designed by bikers, for bikers – Anlas specialise in the production of tyres for motorcycles and scooters, but also manufacture tyres for karts, ATV’s and other specialist vehicles.

The Anlas tyre range is vast and very comprehensive, covering all bike sectors, but the name is very popular in the Adventure/Trial, MX, scooter and enduro sectors and has established itself as a brand that offers riders quality tyres at an affordable budget.

Anlas Capra X

  • Developed for long-distance rally events
  • Hard wearing, durable compound
  • Optimal block spacing for grip

Anlas Capra R

  • High mileage compound
  • Tread pattern offering consistent wear
  • Silica rich compound for superb wet and dry grip

Anlas Tournee Sport

  • Eco-friendly compound
  • Offers superior grip and short braking distances
  • Aggressive tread pattern

Anlas Winter Grip 2 Scooter

  • Superior performance in winter conditions
  • Optimum mileage, even when used all year round
  • Excellent handling in wet and dry weather

Continental Tyres

Continental is one of the world’s leading tyre manufacturers – offering a huge range of products across 4 wheel, 2 wheel and commercial vehicles.  

Founded in 1871, Continental’s continuous investment in research and development, materials and manufacturing makes a significant contribution toward safe, cost-effective and sustainable tyres.

Decades of extensive research and testing lets continental offer the best tyre solutions for your bike and an emphasis on continual progress to optimise their tyres and product ranges, ensures their tyres meet motorcyclists demands, no matter what you ride!

Continental ContiTrailAttack 3

  • Short warm-up time
  • Ensures highest constant level of performance
  • Good grip in the wet

Continental ContiTour

  • Specially for heavy touring bikes
  • MileagePlus Technology
  • High performance pattern design

Continental ContiMotion

  • Brand new concept radial
  • Value for money mileage
  • 0° Steel-belt construction on the rear

If your a fan of any of these brands you don’t need to look anywhere else to get a pair of your own for this year!

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