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Since the early 90’s KW have been designing, developing and manufacturing suspension, with the easily recognisable yellow and purple of the, now well established, KW coilovers being born in only 1995. Their time in the industry does not make for an uneventful read, but in brief and so as not to labour the point too heavily, there successes started in ’99 with German DRC championship race wins, placed 6 out of top 10 cars at the 2007 24 hour race at the ‘ring and have gone on to secure many, many more in multiple classes and in a wealth of championships the world over.

Their successes were not only on track, with the Fichtenberg based firms brand becoming more adopted by heavy weight performance car manufacturers like Mercedes with the SL65 AMG Black series, BMW M3 GTS and even on the well-rounded F56 JCW. KW extensively analyse their products with state-of-the-art equipment, like their seven post driving dynamics equipment, which allows for comprehensive testing and optimisation, not only for their product offering but to race teams the world over, cutting down wear and tear on the vehicle, expensive track time and providing consistent conditions.

Constantly taking its advancements from racing through to its offering for the road. They have expanded the range of coilovers to be focussed for the intended usage, therefore maximising the performance no matter the situation.

There are various families for the range, but we will break them down below to make selection a little easier. 

Variant 1

First up on the roster is the V1, these units allow for ride height adjustment and come with factory tuned damping. Providing out of the box performance and, thanks to the Inox line’s stainless-steel construction and special thread design, long lasting service life and ease of adjustment, a great entry into the product line up.

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Variant 2

The V2 has all the benefits of the V1 model but rather than the factory set rebound damping, you have got 16 clicks of adjustment front and rear to firm up the ride, allowing for some alterations should you be taking to the track or looking at occasional spirited driving. 

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Variant 3

V3’s for the most part are the cream of the road going crop, top everything the V2 can do and bringing low speed compression adjustability to the party too, this allows for a comprehensive amount of control over the vehicle’s composure whether off or on the track.

Also available as a levelling variation, the lowering amount can actually be a positive over standard by an increase of 10mm, lowering of up to 45mm.

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Variant 4


For a limited number of vehicles, and those wanting even more control, the V4 ups the technology and adjustability even further, bringing everything from the V3s and adding in the control for compression at both high and low speed independently.

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Variant 5

V5’s at the time of writing are available for a the Huracan, NSX and Corvette C8, top off everything the variant V4 can do but also bring aluminium body construction and both high and low speed rebound which are independently controlled.

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Street Comfort

Whilst the Street Comfort shares the bulk of benefits of the V2, the street comfort if intended for those who require adjustable height and a ride that has been tailored to be softer and less orientated towards a sports feel.


KW’s Clubsport range have been designed for those who intend to take their road car on track, using their extensive knowledge gained in the motorsport arena, there are two versions available. 2 way with independently adjustable compression and rebound, and the 3 way rebound and both high and low speed compression. They also feature Inox line’s stainless-steel construction and special thread design, leading to long lasting service life and ease of adjustment.


Focussed for the motorsport arena, KW have been chosen by many top international race teams for their performance, affordability and proven track record. Constructed from either galvanised steel or lighter weight aluminium, there are the 2 way which feature independent compression and rebound adjustment, or 3 way which allow for both high and low speed compression adjustment along with rebound. Competition units can be bought with optional spherical bearing aluminium top mounts. 

DDC & DDC Plug & Play

The DDC suspension offered by KW allows the fitment of coilovers, and therefore the ride height of the vehicle, whilst they share the benefits of the V1 kit, they retain the vehicles factory adaptive suspension control, allowing for on the go adjustment for maximum versatility. For those vehicles that do not come with adaptive suspension from the factory, KW also offer the DDC ECU, fitted in conjunction with the DDC coilovers, the driver will now be able to alter the vehicle’s characteristics to be perfect for the conditions.

Height Adjustable Springs

The Height adjustable Springs (HAS) is for those wanting to retain the factory adaptive / electronic damping but want to be able to lower their car to a level different than that offered by a lowering spring set, KW have a solution. Height Adjustable Springs (HAS) are designed to fit on the standard damper and allow the individual lowering requirements to be achieved without sacrificing the quality of ride.

Hydraulic Lift System

Lowered vehicles look great and perform well thanks to the lower centre of gravity which is achieved when the ride height is reduced. If you are using the vehicle on the highway though, there are things like kerbs, speed bumps and ramps that are common which do not agree with some super low-slung vehicles. Enter the HLS, a hydraulic lift system that, at the touch of the button, increases the ride height of the car by 45mm and can be fitted to one or both axles. Available as a conversion kit or complete with V2/V3 coilovers dependent on application.

Cancellation Kits

Along with the host of coilovers they offer, KW also have brought to market a cancellation kit, which plugs in to the vehicles loom where adaptive suspension has been fitted, this allows the coilover unit to be fitted and not put any lights on the dashboard and keeps the car’s electrical system functioning normally.

Our suspension guide, available here, can help with any terminology you are likely come across and also help point you in the direction for the information you may need to order. We have always got our friendly staff at the end of a phone, or email, should you have any questions and our fitting centre is on hand should you want us to do the dirty work for you.

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