“Tweek’d” Project Car Series Ep #5 Bilstein

Jack’s Mk 8 Golf R has had a bit of a makeover lately with a range of performance and body styling parts that give the car the road presence that is should have had from the factory. You can catch up on everything so far here.

Episode 5

In this episode we’re back on with Bilstein suspension and taking it to the next level.

Now we’ve had chance to spend a lot of time around this car, and contrary to the opinions of some, We think the back of the car should be a little lower than it is now, the Vogtland Springs are awesome for looks and performance but if we want to drop the back a bit more, then we’re having to go adjustable. Turning to the powerhouses of suspension technology Bilstein, with their vast range of products, We are recommending their ‘evolution’ of the ever popular B14, the Evo S.

The Result of the Bilstein Suspension

Benefitting from factory set damping that is compliant on the road but perfectly capable on track, this kit allows for the adjustment of the car’s ride height. This allowed us to tuck that rear wheel in to the arch a little further and not lose any of that comfort on the road, in fact, it actually improved it.

Follow along with the fitting, review and reveal of the new stance in the video!

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