#TeamDT In The Spotlight – Charlotte Philp

The Demon Tweeks Sponsorship Scheme stretches to all corners of the globe, our next member is Charlotte Philp. From Western Australia, she races karts, has her own photography business and is only 14 years old!

TeamDT in the spotlight Charlotte Philp

DT: Please, for our readers, introduce yourself

Charlotte: Hey there! I’m Charlotte, 14 years old from Western Australia and I have recently started to race go-karts!

DT: What’s one fun fact about you?

Charlotte: Apart from my racing, I own a photography business which focuses on motorsport & automotive, but I also do corporate work too!

DT: How was it that you got into motorsport?

Charlotte: I have been doing motorsport photography for two years and this year I decided I wanted to start racing, I recently bought a kart and absolutely love it!

Charlotte Philp In The Spotlight

DT: Who would you say inspires you to do what you do?

Charlotte: One of my biggest inspirations is Madeline Stewart – she is a fantastic racer! However, there are a lot of wonderful people around me who inspire me and help me achieve my goals!

DT: Has the Demon Tweeks Sponsorship Scheme helped you much this year?

Charlotte: Demon Tweeks have been my main source of all my race gear and equipment, starting out in motorsport can be quite expensive and DT have had everything I need!
Demon Tweeks have also been very supportive in my photography journey and working with them from the opposite side of the world has been amazing!

Demon Tweeks with Charlotte Philp In The Spotlight

DT: Do you have many plans for the rest of this year?

Charlotte: For the rest of 2023, I am going to focus on improving my lap times at my home tracks and race in as many races as I can. Moving into 2024, I am going to continue training on and off track to improve my performance and results.

DT: What would you say are your lifetime goals in racing that you hope to achieve?

Charlotte: There are quite a few goals and things I am aiming to achieve. The end goal is to race Porsche’s, either in a Porsche series or GT series. While working towards this, I am aiming to race in the Australian Karting Championship and race in the Radical Cup Australia. Radicals have been and always will be my favourite sportscar!

Ready to race Charlotte Philp In the Spotlight Demon Tweeks
In The Spotlight Charlotte Philp Demon Tweeks

DT: Where can people follow your story?

Charlotte: Instagram is the best place to follow me, my personal account is @charlyyypp and my photography business is @cap_photography21.

Make sure to follow Charlotte as she begins her motorsport career!

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