Everything to Know about the Tillett C1 and C1XL Racing Seats

The world of motorsport requires high performance equipment that can handle the intense conditions of racing. Among the most important components for a race car is the driver’s seat, as it not only provides a comfortable driving position but also plays a critical role in safety. 

This is where the Tillett C1 and C1XL racing seats come in, offering superior performance, safety, and comfort for racing or on the road if you want something serious to sit in!

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More than just a place to sit

The C1 and C1XL are compatible with a race harness and a 20° Hans device for added safety, with a 5 or 6-point race harness recommended. The seat also comes with stainless steel side mounting points and a Dinamica® covered headrest panel as standard. Additionally, the C1 offers an option of cushion and back panels covered in Dinamica® suede.

The C1’s body mirroring shape provides a comfortable fit without padding, making it a great option for open-top cars and this also works great in adverse weather! The seat is also compatible with Tillett 2° side mount brackets making it easy to swap out an older seat with this one. 

Tillett C1

The Tillett C1 racing seat is designed to give the driver the ultimate feeling on the track or road. The seats allow for maximum control and responsiveness. Both have been designed and approved to the 8855-1999 FIA homologation. This ensures they meet the highest safety standards required for competitive driving.

One of the most notable features of the C1 is its saloon car seating angle, which provides full leg support and head support, keeping the driver comfortable and secure at all times. The C1 also offers a choice between two edge cuts: the C1-41 for narrow cars and the C1-44 with a rolled edge, allowing for a more tailored fit.

Tillett C1

Built like no other

The C1’s twin skin molding provides great strength and rigidity, while its weight of just 7.1kg (with a 10% weight variation) makes it an extremely compact and lightweight option. The seat’s lower design ensures the driver is positioned closer to the car’s center of gravity, resulting in improved handling and balance.

Tillett C1XL

For those who require a larger size, the Tillett C1 XL racing seat offers all the same features as the C1 but is suitable for drivers up to 130 kg with a 40-inch jeans waist size. The C1XL, like the C1 also offers two edge cuts: the C1-44 XL for narrow cars and the C1-47 XL with a rolled edge.

As a result of allowing for more weight, the seat itself weighs more than the standard C1 at 7.5kg (with a 10% weight variation). Just 500 grams heavier than the standard C1 – that’s about the weight of 2 sticks of butter! This seat and the standard C1 both have a choice of high gloss carbon/GRP or black gloss GRP colour finish. It also comes with stainless steel side mounting points and a Dinamica® covered headrest panel as standard, with an option of cushion and back panels covered in Dinamica® suede.

Tillett C1XL

Performance wherever you need it

Overall, the Tillett C1 and C1XL racing seats offer superior performance, safety, and comfort for competitive driving. With their body mirroring shape, saloon car seating angle, and twin skin molding, these seats provide the driver with maximum control and responsiveness on the track. The choice of edge cuts and finishes ensures a tailored fit and style, while the compatibility with race harnesses and Hans devices ensures the highest level of safety. Whether racing in open-top cars or not, or if you happen to be caught in harsh conditions, the C1 and C1XL are perfectly tailored to the job.

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