Demon Tweeks Catalogue New For 2024

Want to know what the very latest and greatest is for 2024? You’ve come to the right place. From cutting-edge technology to innovative designs, New products to the Demon Tweeks Catalogue will redefine the driving experience and allow you to stand on the top step in 2024.

Demon Tweeks Catalogue

In this blog, we take you on a journey through the latest and greatest from the Demon Tweeks Catalogue, which dives into the ever evolving world of motorsport. We unveil the must-have products that are set to dominate the tracks and stages in 2024. Get ready to explore the future of motorsport as we showcase the best new products that are set to make waves in 2024.

Alpinestars GP Tech V4 Race Suit

The FIA 8856-2018 approved GP Tech V4 race suit from Alpinestars gives you confidence when stepping onto the track in 2024. Courtesy of the cutting-edge technologies and materials which seamlessly combine advanced protection and unparalleled breathability, setting a new standard for racing gear. The suit prioritises your safety with its three-layer construction while maintaining optimal breathability and a feather-light feel. The suit moves with you, thanks to the elastic waist construction and pre-curved arms and legs that support your driving position.

Alpinestars GP Tech V4 Race Suit Demon Tweeks Catalogue

What sets the GP Tech V4 apart? It’s the innovation in safety, with Alpinestars’ latest F1 extraction handle design, and the strategic placement of Superlight Nomex stretch panels for flexibility. This suit features enhanced airflow areas and ventilation optimisation on the torso, sides, and underarms. Every detail, from the knitted cuffs reducing bulk to the athletic-regular fit designed for comfort and style.

Invest in a piece of gear engineered to enhance your precision and passion on the track. The race track demands the best, and now it’s time to gear up with the best. Click through and elevate your racing experience with the Alpinestars GP Tech V4 Race Suit.

Stilo Venti WRX Dirt Carbon Helmet

Introducing the Stilo Venti WRX Dirt Carbon Helmet, meticulously designed for the rigorous demands of off-road racing. Engineered with a lightweight yet durable carbon fibre shell, this helmet offers robust protection without sacrificing comfort. Versatile across multiple motorsport disciplines, the Venti WRX stands out with its expansive visor aperture, providing a substantial 34% larger field of vision than the Stilo ST5.

Stilo Venti WRX Dirt Carbon Helmet

Setting it apart is the integrated intercom headset, borrowed from the Venti WRC rally helmet, ensuring clear communication. The helmet comes in two versions: Rally, featuring Stilo’s WRC intercom system, and Turismo (Circuit), equipped with integrated radio connections for circuit use. Enhanced communication is facilitated by noise-attenuating ear muffs and an adjustable noise-cancelling microphone, allowing drivers to stay focused on the race.

Manufactured using cutting-edge PURO technology, the Venti WRX sheds unnecessary weight without compromising safety by eliminating the need for a clear coat. With ventilation options, including a top air system and compatibility with side air systems and drinks tubes, the helmet offers customization possibilities. Fitted with FHR posts and meeting FIA 8859-2015 and Snell SA2020 standards.

For racers seeking a heightened experience with a focus on safety, comfort, and communication, the Stilo Venti WRX Dirt Carbon Helmet is the answer. Click through now to explore the advanced features and check the latest price. Elevate your performance on the track with the Stilo Venti WRX—where safety and innovation are just a click away. FIA 8859-2015 and Snell SA2020 approved.

Bell HP10 Rally WW

Bell’s HP10 Rally Wired Wireless helmet is a visual leap in rally helmet tech, coming from their Advanced Series, this helmet seamlessly integrates the cutting-edge features of the HP7. This new state-of-the-art advanced helmet is a sleek, modern design that stands among the greats of  open-face rally helmets. Crafted from an ultra-lightweight FIA 8860-2018 approved full carbon shell, it ensures maximum safety without compromising comfort. The fast-removable carbon half chin bar, adjustable carbon fibre peak, and integrated sunscreen cater to your specific needs on the track.

Bell HP10 Carbon Rally Helmet

What sets the HP10 Rally apart is its revolutionary ZeroNoise® Wired Wireless technology, offering military-grade connectivity that automatically adapts for optimal performance without interruptions. High-power speakers and an adaptive noise-cancelling microphone deliver a communication experience like never before. The helmet’s multi-density, multi-piece liner maximises energy absorption, and removable cheek pads ensure optimal comfort.

For rally drivers and co-drivers seeking the ultimate product, the HP10 Rally is the new reference. It doesn’t just meet FIA 8860-2018 standards; it exceeds them. Experience the perfect blend of safety, comfort, and communication. Click through to see the latest price and make the Bell HP10 Rally Wired Wireless yours.

Bell Mag-10 Carbon Rally WW

The Bell Mag-10 Carbon Rally WW holds FIA 8859-2015 and Snell SA2020 approvals, reflecting its commitment to safety standards. Constructed from an ultra-lightweight carbon composite shell, this helmet inherits key features from the HP10 Rally WW. What makes the Mag-10 stand out is its advanced ZeroNoise® WW electronics.

Bell Mag-10 Carbon Rally WW Demon Tweeks Catalogue

This military-grade technology ensures a seamless wireless connection, adapting to the optimal type automatically. High-power speakers and an adaptive noise-cancelling microphone offer a practical communication experience. The fast-removable carbon half chin bar, adjustable integrated anti-scratch sunscreen dark smoked visor, and multi-density, multi-piece liner prioritise safety and comfort.

The Mag-10 Carbon Rally WW is a step ahead of the rest. The ultra-reliable HD in-moulded female Nexus connector, optional interior colours, and factory-fitted FHR posts showcase thoughtful design. Ready to enhance your rally game? Click through now to make the Mag-10 Carbon Rally WW your rally companion and check out the latest price. Safety, functionality, and innovation – step into the rally revolution today.

OMP KS-X Kart Gloves

Introducing the game-changer for karting—the OMP KS-X, OMP’s flagship kart glove now homologated to the latest FIA 8877-2022 approval. This glove is not just a piece of gear; it’s a revolution in karting comfort and performance. Crafted from a super-elasticated ultra-lightweight material, the KS-X guarantees the best fit possible, allowing you to feel everything on the track. The palm features the same super silicone grip pattern and material found in OMP’s top-level One Evo X FIA race glove, ensuring high grip levels on the wheel.

OMP KS-X Kart Gloves

What sets the KS-X apart is its commitment to being the best, meeting the stringent FIA 8877-2022 standards for karting. The elasticated wrist closure adds the final touch, providing a snug yet comfortable fit. Don’t just settle for any kart glove; choose the one that sets the standard. Click through now to see the latest price and make the OMP KS-X your essential karting companion and experience the track like never before. Precision, comfort, and grip—seize the victory with the OMP KS-X.

8877-2022 Approved Kart Gear:

Kart boots

Kart suits

Kart gloves

Sparco Superleggera Race Boots

Introducing the Sparco Superleggera Race Boots, the latest addition to the Demon Tweeks Catalogue. These mid-cut, ultra-light race boots are engineered for professional endurance drivers who value precision and optimal pedal feel. Crafted from a highly breathable fire-retardant fabric, these boots prioritise peak performance and comfort during extended hours on the track.

Sparco Superleggera Race Boots

What makes the Superleggera stand out are its innovative features, including a carbon fibre insole and Sparco’s thin rubber sole with a unique pattern for enhanced control through the pedals. The silicone toe and substantial heel reinforcement ensure seamless and comfortable movement between pedals, enhancing your overall driving experience.

With FIA 8856-2018 approval, the Superleggera adheres to rigorous safety standards. Available in a range of sizes, from 5 1⁄2 to 13 (39 to 48 Continental) and child sizes (4 to 5, 37 to 38 Continental), with VAT Zero, these boots provide flexibility for the perfect fit. Choose from various color options: black/white, white/black, black/red, and black/fluro yellow.

Upgrade your racing gear. Click through now to check the latest price and make the Sparco Superleggera Race Boots yours, unlocking enhanced performance, precision, comfort, and style.

Bell KC7-CMR F1 Special Aryton Senna

Explore the latest addition from Bell for 2024 – the Special Edition Aryton Senna liveried KC7-CMR helmet. This helmet seamlessly combines style, safety, and cutting-edge technology, showcasing a design inspired by the legendary F1 driver. Certified to the CMH standard jointly developed by the FIA Institute and the Snell Memorial Foundation, the KC7 helmet is meticulously crafted from a high-strength lightweight carbon fibreglass composite shell, ensuring optimal protection at a mere 1185g (sizes 54 to 56) and 1230g (sizes 57 to 59).

Bell KC7-CMR Helmet - Ayrton Senna Demon Tweeks Catalogue

Adopting the F1 proven HP7 design, the helmet features an optical-grade injected double screen anti-fog 2mm visor for impeccable vision. What distinguishes the KC7-CMR is its powerful top and chin bar ventilations, incorporating 14 air intakes and extraction channels. The optimized shell and shield design enhance aerodynamics and energy-absorbing capacities. Snell-FIA CMR-2016 approved, this helmet is highly recommended for all kart drivers and mandatory for those under 16 years old.

Elevate your karting experience with the Special Edition Aryton Senna liveried KC7-CMR helmet. Optional customizations, such as air intakes, top spoiler, side air intakes, side air extractors, and a chin bar gurney, allow personalization. Each helmet is equipped with clear top and side air intakes, a rear spoiler, multi-layer visor, and a Bell HP helmet bag. Don’t settle for ordinary – click through now to make this exclusive helmet your karting companion and check the latest price.

Stilo Sport Plus Rally Helmet

The Stilo Sport Plus Rally Helmet is the pinnacle of performance rally helmets. Designed for and crafted from a Kevlar/fibreglass multi sandwich fibre, this helmet redefines lightweight durability, ensuring your safety without compromise. 

Stilo Sport Plus Rally Helmet

What sets it apart? A tailored fit, courtesy of two shell sizes that prioritise your comfort during those extended stints behind the wheel. Seamless communication through an integrated intercom system, compatible with Stilo WRC and DG models, keeping you connected when it matters most. Also what sets it apart is the adjustable peak, promising optimal visibility through every intense turn. 100% made in Italy, this helmet is a testament to heritage and design, blending a pristine white shell with peak and factory-fitted FHR posts for full racing compliance. It’s not just a helmet; it’s a commitment to peak performance. Take the leap towards racing excellence – click through and make the Stilo Sport Plus Rally Helmet yours today. Your victory lap awaits.

FIA 8859-2015 and Snell SA2020 approved.

OMP First Race Gloves

Discover the OMP First Race Gloves, a practical and budget-friendly choice for racers seeking performance without the hefty price tag.

OMP First Race Gloves Demon Tweeks Catalogue

These mid-length gloves offer technical features usually found in more expensive options. External seams provide a snug fit with minimal irritation, while the pre-curved design ensures comfort and control, reducing hand fatigue during extended races. The silicone print on the palm and fingers guarantees a secure grip for optimal control on the track.

Ideal for budget-conscious racers unwilling to compromise on safety or performance, the OMP First race gloves feature a lightweight design crafted from fire-resistant Nomex material, meeting FIA 8856-2018 standards. Available in many colours, these gloves can be paired with other OMP First race wear for a coordinated look.

Get on the grid in 2024 without breaking the bank. Click through now to explore these FIA 8856-2018 approved gloves and enhance your racing gear affordably.

Sparco Pro Carbon Rib Protector

Introducing the Sparco Pro Carbon Rib Protector, brand new for 2024, it’s designed to meet FIA 8870-2018 approval for rib protection in competitive karting. Crafted with a fully flexible carbon/Kevlar composite (so you know it’s strong), this rib protector prioritises weight reduction without compromising comfort or safety.

Sparco Pro Carbon Rib Protector

The Pro Carbon has an ergonomic design, ensuring an optimal fit both for you and the kart seat. With a flexible and ultra-lightweight construction, it allows panels to move seamlessly with the driver’s body, promoting comfort and freedom of movement. Internally, shock-absorbing foam with hypoallergenic fabric minimises injury risks, while ventilation channels regulate body temperature, reducing perspiration for extended comfort during races. The large, flexible rear insert adapts to body movements, alleviating pressure points and fatigue.

Designed for competitive karting, the Sparco Pro Carbon rib protector strikes the perfect balance between protection, comfort, and performance. FIA 8870-2018 approval ensures its suitability for all levels of karting. It even comes with red and fluro yellow decal sets for personalization.

For kart racers who want the best, the Sparco Pro Carbon is a good way to go. Click through now to explore the FIA 8870-2018 approved Sparco Pro Carbon Rib Protector. Be fully prepared for your next race.


In the fast-paced world of motorsport, staying ahead requires embracing innovation and cutting-edge technology. As we journeyed through some of the best new additions to the 2024 Demon Tweeks Catalogue, we unveiled the very latest and greatest. 

These products are what could make the difference in 2024. Click through now to explore the future of motorsport with Demon Tweeks, and let these products give you the edge over the competition.

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