#TeamDT In The Spotlight – Martyn Wells

#TeamDT has spread to all corners of the globe, no matter what you drive, ride or float on you could also become a member of the most passionate program around! Next member in the spotlight is Martyn Wells, who races in an unconventional car, a Citroen ZX and has started their own race series last held a grid of over 70 cars!

Citroen ZX In the spotlight

Introduce yourself, who are you and what form of motorsport do you partake in?

Martyn: I’m Martyn Wells, I’m 38 and currently living in Auckland New Zealand, I moved to New Zealand in 2012 from West Sussex. I started Motorsport in the UK and it has always been circuit racing, for me using small hot hatchbacks which at 6ft8 is a bit of a squeeze to get myself into and can look pretty funny..

In the spotlight Martyn Wells

What’s one fun or interesting fact about you our readers would like to know?

Martyn: I started what is now New Zealand’s biggest grassroots circuit racing class called Production Race Series, we race at all the North Island tracks. At our last round we had 72 cars enter and 19 different manufacturers with everything from US Muscle, Euros, and JDM. The series has been running for the last 9 years growing each season. We also attend many public events such as show and Shines and other charity events.

How did you get into motorsport and how did you get the Citroen ZX?

Martyn: August bank holiday weekends are my birthday weekend and Brands Hatch BTCC is always the best birthday present you can be given. This got me hooked on racing from the age of 6. I grew up watching Rickard Rydell my father was a Volvo 850 fan and well I had to follow in the old man’s footsteps but it was so hard to pick a favourite. Plus listening to Murray Walker for me this was the golden age of motorsport and helped shape me love of all things racing.

I am a vehicle technician by trade and during my apprenticeship, my mentor was pit crew for a 1985 Morgan with a Fiat Twin Cam fitted. This got me close to the action at circuits like Goodwood for single-car sprints and Hill climbs at Gurston Down. I did some track stuff with my first car, a 1990 Peugeot 205 GTI 1.6, and loved it but budget was always the issue being a young apprentice.  The Citroen I have now is a very rare genuine ZX 16V which was purchased by myself as a cheap road/track car to do with my father.

Two months after purchase and two orders to Demon Tweeks he passed away and the car sat unloved for at least 3 years before I made the move to New Zealand. Once I had settled here I had to make the choice as to what to do with it sell it, scrap it, or ship it to New Zealand. Clearly to smart choice was taken and I shipped it loaded with spare bits to New Zealand. Once here the choice was made that it was to become a full-time race car. The engine was replaced with the later XU10J4RS (Xsara VTS) type with some extra fruity bits like CatCams and Jevney ITBS added. Power is now around the 220BHP with the redline set at 7,250rpm. Air jacks also found a way into the build because all race cars have air jacks.

Who would you say inspires you day in day out?

Martyn: My Partner! When we first met, she had no outward interest in cars or motorsport, now 7 years on she built my race engine over the last Christmas Holidays and is a committee member of New Zealand’s largest car club – Auckland Car Club. She always has my back and never once has moaned about the time and money we put into the Citroen!  Growing up I had some favourite drivers as everyone does but it was the classes and events that inspired me.

What has been your biggest motorsport achievement to date?

Martyn: Getting a Citroen ZX 16v as a race car in New Zealand! No one knows what it is here and I always get asked why – simply, why not? Racing a car that I started with my dad which has travelled so far and changed so much from the factory is a great achievement. Otherwise it would be starting and running New Zealand’s biggest motorsport series. It’s taken a long time and we have had a few battles along the way, but it is always a great feeling watching the racing that you have put on, I’m a real race-what-you-bring type of person.

I also had Paul Radisich race in my race series, This was a real pinch me moment when someone I remember as a child watching race and win being in front of me, racing in my own race series in a MK4 Toyota Supra.

In the spotlight Martyn Wells

How has the Demon Tweeks Sponsorship Scheme helped you over the last year?

Martyn: I have had a long history with Demon Tweeks right back to my first road/track car, this year being accepted on the Sponsorship Scheme has really given me a confidence boost along with discounted access to a fantastic range of motorsport parts and equipment with outstanding customer service.

With Demon Tweeks nothing is too much trouble and being an international customer it’s not often that people want to take that extra time and give you help and advice with products.

Service and supply are always quick which means I can keep the wheels spinning quicker and for longer!

What have you done this race season with the Citroen ZX?

Martyn: This season has been all about testing the car and shaking it down, and making those improvements. It’s been a 14-year build with a gap for moving between England and New Zealand in the middle. The car is set up for both sprint and endurance races along with hill climbs and just about anything else I could enter it in. The only thing I can’t do is race in my own series as we are far too busy during these race meetings being the organiser.

Citroen ZX In the spotlight

What are your lifetime goals that you hope to achieve?

Martyn: A lifetime goal has to be Le-Mans Classic – the Group C cars and the GT1s are to die for and much harder to get access to compared to Group B rally cars or even F1 cars.

Outside of Motorsport, it would be to be a good partner and father for any future kids.

Citroen ZX

If you had all the money you wanted, what would you buy tomorrow?

Martyn: My dream car has always been a Porsche 993 GT2 Evo but it’s hard to also look past the Lexus LFA just for that V10 sound.

Where can people follow your story?

Martyn: You can follow me and the race series on Facebook and Instagram:



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